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  1. I'm so gonna miss listening to Scott and Becky on my way to work, and Greg on the way home- its also been fantastic to hear more of Huw, its nice to hear someone other than me get excited about welsh words!
  2. All is right with the world again- The doctor is back on our screens and my saturday nights are complete. Matt was awsome, and KG is one lil hottie! Luv luv luved it
  3. hello everyone- been a member for a week or so now, thanks to everyone who said hi & made me feel welcome!
  4. Awsome, i thought this was hilarious on the show and am so happy i got the chance to hear it again!
  5. fingers crossed for something slightly more entertaining in that prime schedule slot- this should have ahppened about 5 years ago!
  6. i am so totally loving this Kelis song- and thats a phrase i thought i would never use!
  7. i think even calling it a "song" is pushing it, its just a few annoying phrases repeated- complete bottoms!
  8. her ladyship doesnt strike me as someone who would be too bothered about running out of clothes- she would just wrap up in a newspaper and head down to the shop!
  9. Hello welcome to the forum.



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