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  1. I see you still fail to understand the point of that site then... it's more about the community aspect these days, and that is what will keep it running? There will still be Moyles based news, content, and discussion etc.
  2. This. That particular.. rag (I now refuse to call what they print 'news') is SO predictable on that front. also, it's Ransacking, not Ramsacking, unless you're in Derby, THERE it might be called 'Ramsacking'... :hahaha: Yeah I went there, Hate All You Want.
  3. then let's see YOU have a go Viv... we know you lie down when rain is coming so you should have a good start there.
  4. Yeah we definitely need you in hi-viz so we can see you coming miles away... wouldda thought a bell would be easier so we could just hear though.
  5. and I suppose you have a 100% record of predicting things in the future. Fact is that climate change is making weather patterns less and less like they ever were in history in similar circumstances, which is bound to make the weather harder to predict. Get over it and move on.
  6. Damn, can no longer edit previous post, but just found out how 'soon' new The Thick Of It is starting... 8th September, 9.45...:woo: now the tough decision, to do a marathon of them on the DVDs I have, or on Netflix? :?:
  7. and based on Hooligan's Island, probably the best Live Show. Rik and Ade have been tweeting about this for about 2 weeks now, stuff along the lines of "Writing today with this bastard" (from Ade, with a photo of Rik). Also, new The Thick Of It starting soon.
  8. Doesn't mean they would like this, even if you ignore that it's likely to be spam anyway.
  9. Which still has smaller listener numbers than regular radio for the moment, no? Granted this may change soon, but when subjected to analog radio at work, it's usually Crapital's midlands strand.
  10. Well I can see that it was filmed at Wollaton Hall and Deer Park... *recognise the location, it also appears in The Dark Knight Rises rather extensively, and with added gravestones*. Shame I can't fucking stand that song...
  11. Yes, he's your kindred spirit, why don't you go find him and pin a message to his barn... oh wait, sorry, he has a garage instead. Likes his cars as much as Jay Kay as I understand it.
  12. This will come as a strange idea... apparently, but if you don't like a timeline of tweets by someone, um, don't um, follow them? It's not difficult, and it's probably all of value that Scott ever seems to tweet anyways.
  13. Can't get it where I am, stuck with fucking Twiggy and Emma BS from Crapital last I heard it.
  14. Yeah, the ones who do try hard are the people the incompetent t***s at the Jobcentre usually target for more thorough checking... at least in my experience, while other 'career dole dossers' walk in, actually say "Yeah I've done nothing this week, gimme my money" and GET IT. I've watched that happen and my complaint that they weren't cut etc was ignored. Less paperwork if they 'dont catch' people, which is bloody wrong. Plenty of those out there who try hard but they often get screwed over because of the lazy f***wits that also exist.
  15. See I'd say the exact same thing about Coxy, she REALLY irritates me. I don't mind Dev, something a little different to the blandness that populates most of Radio1 daytime now.
  16. So the Stop Cowell Trash Getting Number One campaign needs to start now.
  17. Well I guess that one won't be played on Radio1 again...
  18. 93% certain I will have a new job within the next few weeks, after having a word with the gaffer today.
  19. http://youtu.be/i5_9go1ThMo suitably dark for the Sucks Thread, I think...
  20. Thoughts with both of you. Today was another day, another situation where I could have ended up re-enacting certain sketches from SnuffBox... every time there's someone new, every damn time...
  21. yeah it was more aimed at Viv and her reaction of huge shock. I agree with you actually, it's not a huge shock as such, but also not that important. Won't change how I see him and how he does his shows, despite what certain Daily Fail readers and 'journalists' have been spouting on Twitter etc.
  22. Not that it matters anyways, but that's probably working off stereotypes. Not every gay man is camper than a field with a row of tents in it, you know...
  23. Yeah because Tabloids and Celeb gossip mags NEVER skew a story or get it wrong...
  24. Doesn't make sense that Scott would care about London-only figures for a NATIONAL station. Yeah but when WOULD have been a 'good' time for it? I think this alleged 'article' is largely bullshit but with a (very) thin basis in what Scott actually thinks and his resentment toward Radio1 for taking him off drive, extrapolated and exaggerated by this hack.
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