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  1. Sounds exciting, new music in the daytime!
  2. I'm @GemStGem if anyone wants to be bored to death my my constant stream of drivel. I don't really have many slebs that I follow, but maybe my new year's resolution will be to add more people on Twitter. Maybe.
  3. Yay for more free time and better internet - a perfect combo. I'm super happy about having a day off work tomorrow to do Chritsmas Community activities which generally involves dressing up and spreading Christmas cheer!
  4. Can't believe they won't playlist Timmy. Rubbish. I agree Jono, we need Dermot to go into the studio and take it to deadlock!
  5. Just downloaded Bang on Trend: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/scottmills/timmytrendy/ Love it!
  6. That was hilarious. Greg could barely contain himself, bless.
  7. A Christmas Duel is my new favourite Christmas song, by The Hives and Cindy Lauper: My favourite classic Christmas song is the Waitresses with Christmas Wrapping.
  8. C, because you can say it without closing your mouth, like all the other vowels...
  9. LOVE IT! Fat or slender, gender bendy, get some style ask Timmy Trendy! Genius. Gok off...
  10. Hello everyone! I find it nigh-on-unbelievable that it's taken me so long to register on here. I'm Gem from Leeds and have two radio one claims to fame, one being that on my birthday last year (yes, one year today!) I rang up and Grimmy wished me happy birthday, and the other is that Beccy off of Scott Mills once replied to me on Twitter... Looking forward to more Mills-esque banter on here in the coming weeks (and a rapid decline in any kind of work productivity).



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