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  1. Unfortunately, there's that many suckers out there... look at how many bottles of "LYNX" are sold every year, due to the amount of blokes believing that it'll help them to pull. OK i use it, but i was using it since before i was old enough to have a girlfriend... But yeah, Simon and Co will make a killing from it as there's many young girls out there who'll believe that using it will give them the "X-Factor"!!!!!
  2. why did the boy take a pencil and ruler to bed? To draw the curtains and measure how long he slept!!
  3. What about some of the classics, like the psychodelic videos created by The Beatles? Yellow Submarine's video made very little sense when sober but see when your drunk... WOW!!!!!
  4. Lily isn't half the performer that her father is. Keith Allen was absolutely fantastic as the Sheriff of Nottingham!!!
  5. Got my appetite back at long last, bring on the food!!!
  6. Hey everyone, brand new here... I'm darloboy better known to some of the older UM crowd as Midnight's fella!!! I met Scott at Dundee University earlier this year, what a sound guy!!



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