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  1. it's a bidding process, so companies like Wise Buddah and Music 4 will send in their demos to hope to be broadcast. i spotted on the live camera a while ago that music 4 made the newsbeat imaging for this year. its a bit disappointing that they aren't putting much on their website, though.
  2. i have some of them, so PM me with your email and if you can offer me something, I will send them over...
  3. do you know the one he's used a couple of times before? its quite a beaty-dance type of bed...
  4. i know! serving on the station with all sorts of music - i have no idea whether she's going to stay on for much longer - shes 68 now.
  5. On Thursday 9 September, BBC Radio 1 will celebrate legendary DJ Annie Nightingale's four decades at the station with a night of programmes dedicated to her outstanding broadcasting career. Since becoming Radio 1's first female DJ in 1970, Annie has been at the forefront of new and ground-breaking music in the UK, with a rare ability to move with the times and appeal to new audiences throughout the years. Annie Nightingale – four decades in music: 1965: Journalist and TV presenter 1970: Joins Radio 1 with a Sunday evening show 1978: Becomes presenter of BBC Two's music show The Old Grey Whistle Test 1980: Tours the world with The Police for a special music report 1981: First autobiography, Chase The Fade, published 1989: First DJ to play in Baghdad during Iran-Iraq war cease fire 1982: Begins hugely popular Radio 1 Sunday request show, which lasts for 12 years 1994: Begins Radio 1 Saturday night dance show 1996: Receives serious injuries from street attack in Cuba 1999: Second autobiography, Wicked Speed, published, with foreword from Trainspotting's Irvine Welsh 2000: Receives MBE from HM The Queen for services to broadcasting 2004: Inducted into Radio Academy Hall of Fame 2005: Begins annual opening show at Glastonbury 2009: Releases acclaimed Electronica remixes of Lily Allen songs, including Not Fair 2010: Receives Best Radio Show Award for fifth year running at International Breakspoll Awards. A Night With Annie Nightingale begins at 7pm with The Story Of Annie Nightingale – a two-hour documentary presented by Zane Lowe, providing an intimate portrait of Radio 1's first lady. The programme tells the extraordinary story of Annie by joining up the dots of her musical passions from hanging out with rock legends in the Sixties, to discovering and championing a myriad of new music and cultural trends, from punk in the late Seventies through to dance music in the Eighties and beyond.
  6. "Inspirational teenagers will be celebrated in a major two-week initiative on BBC Radio 1 this winter with a series of The Surgery specials, culminating in the station's first-ever Teen Awards. In November, The Surgery's Aled Haydn Jones will front a series of specials looking at the lives of a number of teenagers from across the United Kingdom who inspire others. Following the fortnight of special programmes, Radio 1 will hold the inaugural BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards, at Hammersmith Apollo in London, with awards for Teen Heroes* to recognise outstanding contributions by young people in the UK (as nominated by the station's audience) being presented alongside the awards for the top stars from the music and entertainment world in 2010. The star-studded event is set to feature performances from some of the biggest music stars in the teen world. A massive multiplatform event for the BBC, the awards ceremony is to be broadcast on both Radio 1 and on BBC Three, plus extensive online content will complement the coverage. Ben Cooper, Deputy Controller, Radio 1, says: "There's often a negative perception about teenagers, so these awards will celebrate some of the amazing and positive achievements of young people in the UK." http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2010/07_july/29/teen.shtml Thoughts about that?
  7. wish they wouldnt advertise the live cams if they're not going to work, and if all i can get is some horizontal stripes otherwise - it would be nice to see more of this and not just the radio 1 logos all the time
  8. Pete Tong prerecords his shows - one way of telling is if you try and see the webcam on the R1 website and theyre turned off, then it could be prerecorded. plus if DJs dont say the time when they usually would, then thats also giving signs its not live
  9. Can't help thinking that too - maybe we should set up an online space where everybody can upload their stuff and download others? Would help more...
  10. Not a fearnehater, her show is good I just wondered why it was that theyre advertising. Theyve advertised nighttime and breakfast (as it is the most important show) but they've never advertised any of the daytime or weekend shows (apart from the chart show) - so I wonder why theyve started an advertising capmpaign for fearne suddenly. Maybe its the livelounge.
  11. Have been noticing recently that on the ads on air, fearne cotton seems to have an advert advertising her show (from 10am weekdays) Do you think it is due to a loss of listeners? They're not advertising Greg or Scott etc, but they are advertising fearne and i wonder what that's down to.
  12. I think it could do with that - ever since that unnecessary swaparound for switch I think it will have lost some listeners - what with just one hour now and only a few calls. And agree though - it should at least be getting some more publicity on the air.
  13. Nothing wrong with Huw doing it though - and he's done a chart update before... so no idea why he cant now and Scott's never done a chart update before.
  14. Its probably because scott does lots of chart stuff - and he's on next anyway... so maybe they thought scott should do it.
  15. hi can't find it on the music4 website.... could you e-mail it to me aswell please? thank you
  16. If you are open to, can you e-mail them to me at [email protected] please? I have a few and I can exchange some if you wish. Thanks
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