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  1. If there's any justice in the world this has to happen! http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=107240806001150
  2. Have a question that it's not worth starting a thread for? Stick it here!
  3. Hi, Random question: Anyone know who the people in this picture are (obviously I know Scott/Becky/Emylin)? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_1tgiDsIzgCg/TGlaWlaveXI/AAAAAAAAAEs/7tp36tsoP24/s1600/The+team+present+The+Scott+Mills+Show+-+Monday+2.gif Thanks
  4. DC logo? Well, well done. It's nice. I like the R, good design. :)

  5. It's annoying like that. Did you make it yourself then? (:

  6. 'Scott, in Abba-style costume, will sing and act his way through 40 minutes on stage' I thought the show was only meant to last half an hour?
  7. Wow, I actually love your signature!

  8. Well looks like you've done it! Ermm.. Hello... :)

  9. All the Music 4 stuff is copyrighted but it's not as if anyone on a pirate station will want jingles that talk about Radio 1 on them - they need to lighten up
  10. Why have they stuck the Student Award Winners at 4am? I thought R1 was 'championing new talent' - they should be on the breakfast show with Dev I think
  11. R1Fan


    I've had an account for a while but am fairly new to this site - might be wrong but do you run it??

  12. I don't get it - there are enough songs from the show to make an album. There's all the musical stuff and Timmy Trendy and if they still didn't have enough it would be easy to get PR4L to do a load more coevrs. Why would Scott do this? Will still buy it and have a listen though
  13. Don't have a clip myself and recon YouTube's gien up because of here. I was going to put loads of Moyles and Mills stuff on a YouTube channel myself but to be honest I'd rather just upload Mills stuff here where the real fans are
  14. I know he went on The Surgery once on their Coming Out special and talked about how other people reacted when they found out he was gay
  15. I'd loe to see someone like DJ Target off of 1Xtra do a show with the PR4L just to hear the conversations
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