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  1. Can decide which is more fail - her accent or newsbeat during the song?!
  2. SeanMonty

    Early Breakfast

    Didn't Dev do earlies on 1xtra before moving to weekends on Radio 1 then earlies on Radio 1?! Or did i make this up? He has improved over the year - but not enough. Can Radio 1 please search commercial radio for their next DJ, im fed up with tv presenters etc getting their own show!
  3. Thought half three saw an end to Dev for another day, but no...
  4. Hello. Last year after the Big Weekend was in Swindon people wanted more big events in the town, so this year (today) they had the new annual Big Arts Day! It was held at Lydiard Park and there was loads going on, loads of people turned up and it was a really good day, and it was all thanks to BBC Radio One and their Big Weekend! So on behalf of Swindon - thanks!
  5. Poor you, that is bad! Having to go to that concert, ugh! I'm sure the bus journey will be a sigh of relief after having to watch RATM...
  6. Swindon to win in the play-off final this weekend! Ive payed (well my dad) bloody loads for the travel and tickets! Swindon have never lost at Wembley winning 3 times!
  7. Hmm they are already steaming Moyles/Greg so don't know if they will have time this week...
  8. Radio One use this site loads and Jono does keep it running so surely he should get some rewards?! Saying that, on work experience, i had to research Bangor for Moyles and do i get tickets? No! (Should have sold on the location to the News Of The World)
  9. SeanMonty


    I don't majorly hate him, but i just find him annoying. So I can't listen to him. I tried to listen a while ago when he was in for Greg but even his music beds were annoying me
  10. Rubbish, didn't get through And now i have a ringing of the 'user busy' bleep!
  11. Posting on a site Radio One look at really isn't the best idea. But, the rules only state that your're not allowed to SELL tickets, so if anyone wants to JUST GIVE some to me (either day) that'd be grand! But i went last year, so won't be too disapointed with none!
  12. HaPpY bIrThDaY! (John your avatar shames me (says a Swindon fan))
  13. Beccy is on Westwoods show right now!
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