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  1. Get yourself the Apple Podcasts app if you have an iPhone (not sure about Android). You can download the podcast to your device and play it as a local file through Sonos.
  2. I'm not sure - I think I'd tire of starting work at 6:30am every day too. Especially the likes of Grimmy who seems to enjoy a bit of a party lifestyle.
  3. Amazing news! So very pleased for Gregory James, he really does deserve the breakfast show. I can’t help but feel this is all part of the shift away from trying to appeal to the under 16s rather than those a little older - Greg’s show has always felt more appropriate to the late teens-mid 20s audience to me. As others have said, Grimmy’s had a good run but I often feel he’s being restricted by the format. He’s very good at what he’s been told to do, I think would be fair to say. Good luck to both.
  4. Wow, quite interesting hearing some pulling-relating chat - not sure they'd get away with it now! But yeah, a normal Mills show with the chart included could work if it's back to 3 hours.
  5. Well then... very unexpected. The good: Great to see Mollie King permanently joining Matt, I think we all thought she fitted in well. I'm normally against non-radio celebs getting permanent airtime but Mollie feels like a natural. I'm not overly bothered about Matt on his own but with Mollie it should be an entertaining listen. Mills getting the Chart is fantastic. I can't see Chris joining him as the show isn't very zoo-format worthy but Mills has always been better than any chart host he's covered so should be good. Dev and Alice are two of my personal favourites at Radio 1 so I'll never say no to more of them. The bad: As much as Clara's show isn't my cup of tea the weekday 10-1 slot is traditionally the most new/live music-oriented show on the daytime line-up, and she's fit into that particular role nicely. I thought Radio 1 were supposed to be increasing their new music quota and I don't see how churning out the likes of Teenage Dirtbag or Mr Brightside again, now on a weekday (sort-of), is helping that. Maya's got potential but I don't think she's there yet. A weekday show is a big gig so we'll need to hear how that works out. The Chart extending to 7pm is disappointing, even if it is with Mills. I thought the condensed hours worked better for a show which for a large part is songs which have come and gone from the playlist weeks ago. Dance Anthems was always a nice little segue into the specialist dance shows of Friday nights. Poor move scrapping the Friday edition. A bold move from Cooper ditching three of the station's biggest names one day per week but innovation is never a bad thing.
  6. The bosses at Radio 1 seem to be becoming more open to the zoo format again, which could potentially bode well for the breakfast show going forward. It was good hearing a recent trail featuring a chat between Grimmy and Fiona, normally it's celebrity guests.
  7. I have to say I agree. I think Mollie's naturally funny and the show works well. She also hits the vocal on the news intro better than Matt - we all love a bit of slickness on here. Maybe they could just keep her...
  8. Not sure if I missed this, but I see that Greatest Hits also has a random Thursday night into Friday morning slot for an hour at 3am: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09sms66
  9. Maya's show from Christmas is still up on iPlayer, if you can handle the Christmas music: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09js449
  10. The Maya Jama thing feels to me like how they introduced Clara Amfo. Drop her into a weekend show to build up a bit of profile then a few months down the line move her to weekdays. Or when Matt first appeared on Fearne's entertainment news. Perhaps a change to early breakfast is on the cards... The consensus on here is that Jordan should have the weekend 10-13:00 slot on both days, and I do agree. I have a feeling however that ensuring diversity may play a part here - if Jordan got the Saturday Greatest Hits show it would literally be males on all day, apart from a co-host at breakfast (Dev and Alice, Jordan, Matt, MistaJam, Target, Sloth, Diplo). At least on Sunday you also have Katie Thistleton co-hosting with Cel. I for one am pretty sad that Alice will be moving from weekend afternoons - it's the time slot I probably listen to the most.
  11. I highly doubt the decision for Greatest Hits remaining a permanent show would have been decided by a show producer - I would imagine that would have gone via the Head of Programmes, one Aled Haydn Jones.
  12. Ant L

    Schedule Changes

    No Dance Anthems on a Friday?
  13. I've made this point before but I feel Radio 1's target audience should be 16-35, and not 16-24 (or 29 officially) as it is now. Radio 2's target demographic is 35+, leaving no mainstream BBC radio service aimed for those of us aged between 25 and 35. It's also all very well Ben Cooper talking about Radio 1's YouTube subscribers but without the pull of a strong breakfast show then there may well be less engagement with the platform. And of course radio should always be the priority. I happen to quite like Grimmy now, however the show really needs a bit of a revamp. The finest moments are when Grimmy is just himself and not so "on-script"- for example I enjoyed him talking about his dogs yesterday, or when him and Fiona naturally bounce off one another. The entertainment news is quite good in the sense that it gives Grimmy someone else to bounce off but there seems to be heavy reliance on it as a "feature".
  14. I feel Radio 1 has the balance about right just now. You have to hook in the audience with well-known tracks (British, American or otherwise) and then throw in a new and unknown track otherwise the audience will just go to Capital. There are times when they play tracks to death however (Shape of You, Human etc) and that's something I hope these alterations may change. I was surprised to see that Greatest Hits is continuing at the weekend. It's a really enjoyable listen but it must impact the new music quota the station has?
  15. Ant L

    Schedule Changes

    Radio 1 and 1Xtra are taking Charlie's show - easy costcutting there.
  16. It's the first time I've seen a reason that Radio 1 are battling to keep their audience young - to make them loyal to the BBC throughout their lives. Although I would argue that not having a mainstream radio service for those aged between 24 and 35 scuppers that argument. People will just flock to commercial radio and might not come back to BBC Radio.
  17. Sounds like the intro has been updated.
  18. How good is Jordan North too? He's become a really slick, natural presenter. I don't mind Matt but Jordan would be great on this slot permanently.
  19. Every weekend in September Radio 1 are playing some of the best songs of the last 50 years too during the 10am-1pm slot. Grimmy played some old songs this morning, complete with old jingles blended in with normal imaging. Sounded really good. I also never thought we'd hear power intros of Wham! and Stevie Wonder...! Heard some during Adele's show.
  20. Ahh thanks for that. Shazam is bringing up Bring Me Higher (Future House Remix) by DJ Ariana Gomez for one however I can't find it online anywhere. Up until I heard the Disciples one I thought all the beds were specially composed...
  21. I know one of them is Martin Garrix's Byte and another is Disciples' On My Mind. What are the other ones you know?
  22. Actually got the chance to listen to Friday's Dance Anthems last night live. The new imaging sounded fantastic during the mixes. Wonder why the intro still has the 2014 voiceovers?
  23. The 10 Minute Takeover got an update a couple of weeks ago too. Dance Anthems next maybe? The imaging sticks out like a sore thumb on a Saturday teatime.
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