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  1. According to the Radio Times website, Jo Whiley is to cover Claudia Winkleman's BBC Radio 2 show on the 21st August. http://www.radiotimes.com/ListingsServlet?event=10&channelId=53&programmeId=101673071&jspLocation=/jsp/prog_details_fullpage.jsp
  2. I'm quite enjoying Vernon. As much as I love listening to Mills, I prefer hearing him in the afternoon in his normal slot with The Chris Moyles Show in the morning.
  3. Usually at the end the news reader says 'Radio 1 Newsbeat...' but I was sure she said something like 'we'll be back...' Plus the jingle at the beginning didn't say 'Newsbeat' either.
  4. I heard a news update this afternoon and noticed there was no voiceover saying 'Newsbeat' at all. It seems they removed any use of 'Newsbeat' including at the end. Any reason why?
  5. I'm glad Nihal's staying on at Radio 1. Hopefully he'll be in some form of daytime position but I'd imagine it'll probably be specialist. Shows eh? Hmm. On another note, Kelly Osbourne is still under my username. Is she officially gone from Radio 1 then?
  6. In all my years of listening to Radio 1 I had no idea there was a Newsbeat bulletin at 10pm. You learn something new everyday...
  7. Interesting developments. I certainly enjoyed Fearne when she covered for Edith last year. Would still prefer Sara to get that slot but never mind. Shame Edith's leaving but from what little I've heard Greg should be good. Gutted Nihal is leaving weekends though.
  8. Ant L

    Andre With Moyles

    I thought Peter came across really well in that interview. Considering the timing I thought he did well. His song sounds decent as well.
  9. The video keeps going down for me this morning. Currently the test card is on.
  10. Radio 1 are playing Man in the Mirror at the moment. I'm totally gutted!
  11. First impression, I don't like. But as someone else said I hated the female voice when she first started but grew to like her. Does anyone know if all the Radio 1 jingles will have 'BBC' in it? Maybe as a replacement for 'National'?
  12. I did notice the Big Weekend was referred to as 'BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend' on the promos and logos this year so it wouldn't surprise me. Heard a promo for Switch today as well and they used the full name. When was the last time Radio 1 emphasised the BBC part of their name?
  13. Another play of the Piece of Me jingle today. Gotta love it. I've been really enjoying Scott on breakfast the past few days. Only an occasional listener to the afternoon show but they have a new fan here I think.
  14. Holy crap that sounded very much like the F word. Did he apologise afterwards?
  15. Which is a shame because it was truly one of the funniest features on radio.
  16. I quite like listening to Vernon. It's not the same without Chris (obviously) but he seems to have settled in well. Too much music though - a record at 6.35? The opening link is the best part. Someone needs to tell Vernon to say the time more - at that time in the morning it's useful to hear it - especially for commuters. He could do with saying it before the news as well actually. Always sounds a bit messy if there's no headline. But apart from that, he's doing pretty good.
  17. I've been listening to Moyles whilst he's been talking about his climb for the past while so I've donated £5 for him and Rachel. Good on them.
  18. Ant L

    Rajar Q4 2008

    Excellent news! It was only right the figures went up. Congrats Moyles and the team.
  19. Ant L

    Rajar Q4 2008

    I really hope Moyles goes up. I'd hate to see an end to the show and if the figures keep going down I sadly can't see it lasting until the end of the year. Fingers crossed for 7.30am tomorrow.
  20. The 'incidents' did indeed occur on Tuesday's show.
  21. I don't think it was a joke at the expense of war victims so I don't see what the problem is. I think he was just raising a fair point that a large amount of the guests on Who Do You Think You Are? go to Auschwitz.
  22. The Chris Moyles Show is basically being video streamed on Radio 1 Online for the whole of this week. Annie mentioned they're video streaming Switch next Sunday too.
  23. VERY nice. I was only expecting a few changes like they did when they added the new female voiceover, but much impressed. Let's hope Music4 add it to their site soon so we can hear the package properly.
  24. They ended that link by saying that Tedious is staying and that they have a new music bed for it. Shame about Carpark Catchphrase and Ramble though! :cry: I'm looking forward to hearing the new imaging for the show right enough. And the alleged Cheggers feature. Glad The Cheesy Song is going/being updated.
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