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  1. I think that Sara should have been given Jo's show over Fearne. I will miss Edith in the afternoons though, as i have been a fan of her radio show for a number of years, and will also miss Nihal on weekend afternoons - as i have enjoyed listening to his afternoon weekend shows
  2. Annie Mac will be in for Edith on Monday 20th July
  3. NIhal will be sitting in for Edith on Friday 26th and Monday 29th June
  4. hey, they announced 2day the mentors for our dissertaions. where in the same group along with adam, lauren and shada - we have andrea - lol

  5. i agree the last two summer Big Brother's have been the same, although next sunday (7th June) it says in the tv listings that "Davina McCall hosts a special show direct from the house as Big Brother reveals some surprises that could send shockwaves through the contestants".
  6. There's also this eye in circulation, i'm not to sure what the numbers mean, and i think it could have benn made by a fan of the show,
  7. They might give it to Annie Mac, she used to present Sara's Saturday and Sunday show when she was off
  8. I.m not sure if it's right as it does change quite a bit - but the radio times website does say that Jo and Edith are on Good Friday
  9. Scott is also in What's on TV for next week on page 24, i would have scanned it in - but the scanner isn't working
  10. Annie Mac will be in for Edith Bowman tomorrow (Thursday 2nd April)
  11. Yeah, John Barrowman would be good on it, he did well presenting it with Fern before when Phillip was away, alhtough i did read that Melanie Sykes and Holly Willoughby are favourites to take over from Fern.
  12. Yeah i thought it was good for a Sunday night, but wasn't as good as the Sunday Night Project or the Charlotter Church Show
  13. I'm suprised that Sam won, it was also a bit of a let down at the end of the series, with her just giving Sam her number
  14. Looks like a good Apprentice line up this year, 1st challenge is to - start up a car cleaning company
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