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  1. really getting fed up of this Chris bloke now :| maybe Viv he is talking about the census because he is bothered about the CiA reading it !
  2. it should be GMT all the time & it shouldn't be changed !
  3. this should be on sky box office, that way i don't get to see it, i don't give a stuff about them, the sooner Charles gets in the sooner everyone will want to get rid of the royals, because everyone hates him !
  4. i thought the show was lol the other day
  5. hope you had a nice day Nikki
  6. you cannot believe anything written in a newspaper, they are full of shit, especially the ones owned by News Corp & the Rothschild's ie the Daily Mail group. the other day in the Sun they were moaning that the BBC spent £30,000 on flowers for their offices & that this was license payers money yet the entertainment bloke wants to blow Greg by the sounds of it. you want real news, then find alternative news websites ones that are not affiliated by the mainstream media, if you want to watch REAL news, then you should watch RT (Russia Today) Al Jazeera, Press TV for example, you should al
  7. hope you had a nice birthday
  8. i cannot see it, firstly the breakfast show needs to be today a team of people & it's a very hard thing to form as many have found out to their cost, the shows you need to do to gain the experience to do the breakfast show are usually the 'drive time' shows like what Scott does & most of the time these have teams. i do tune into Gregs show from time to time & nothing has changed from when he first started, only last week he played the stupid 'news reader' theme thing he does & that song where the band changed the lyrics to his name, come on i know R1 are trying to get younger l
  9. pity James & Edith didn't get the job on Film 2011, Claudia Winkleman isn't that bad when she isn't gushing over some crap film, but the critic (Danny Leigh) they have on there is useless, nearly every time Claudia thinks a film they are reviewing is fantastic Danny says it's rubbish & then when she says a film is crap he then returns to say it's great, they have no chemistry at all shame to see James leaving, seems strange to go to do a show on ITV2 though, taking a step backwards going there from Radio-1.
  10. i remember the Mayo one before i wonder what that dumb bitch who hates Moyles on twitter thinks of this :hahaha:
  11. hope everything is ok with the baby i think Viv could have been a bit more tactful.
  12. happy birthday hope you have a nice one
  13. i agree with some of the cuts, basically in the civil service, because what Labour did instead of creating proper jobs what they did was make up jobs in the public sector as it's easy to do especially in their heartlands, look how many of those so called Soviet style towns & city's there are, this simply couldn't continue, also the population hadn't gone up enough to have need for these jobs anyway. Gordon Brown knows sod all about economics, first he announced that he was going to diversify the UK's assets by selling our gold reserves, which makes the gold market go into free-fall thus o
  14. for those of you who do not know what 10 O'clock Live is have a look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/10_O'Clock_Live i have to say i think it's pretty good & i really didn't think that the presenters would be as good as they are on this type of show, David Mitchell is by far the best thing on the show due to his interviews for once he actually asks questions people want to know the answers to & he gets a answer out of them & also which is very rare lets the interviewee answer & then he comes back at them, the interview with Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes was especially good i though
  15. i wonder how this will go down with the rest of the Talksport presenters as they all got on Keys & Grays cases during the scandal, tempted not to listen to Talksport :/
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    chips are better
  17. well the repeat on bbc 3 yesterday wasn't edited in anyway :giggle:



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