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  1. You're right! God, my memory is cack. Sean was slightly easier on the eye, but Bill is much funnier. Nx
  2. Yup. Wasn't going bonkers. Friday night, Sat morning show, radio 2 apparently. Not much of a weekend for him then? Unfortunately I'm sad so I have to watch Saturday kitchen - if not too hungover. Nx
  3. Can't wait for new series. Couldn't pay attention to Bill on JR tonight - my mum rang! Don't blame Mark wanting break, but Bill and Phil have been there from the beginning too... Have a v strange feeling Mark presents something on Radio 2 - might have imagined it though. Gonna have a look.
  4. FELIZ CUMPLEANOS from Spain Vernon
  5. I didn't think anyone could replace Mark Lamarr on the Buzzcocks. He was a VERY hard act to follow. What happened there? Does anyone know why he left the show, or was replaced? Sceptical when Simon Amstell took over - but he's a maestro! I adore the programme under his reign (sorry - queen pun). He's such a bitch! Thought he was a little harsh with Amy Winehouse, but seems they're friends and he worries about her possibly.? CAN'T WAIT 'til the new series. Will get my Bill Bailey fix in a minute though on Johnathan Ross. When is it coming back? Nx
  6. Think you've hit the nail on the head! Apparently you're supposed to show your true personality when you're mingen. Pause for thought... I'm too talkative, very (perhaps overly) friendly, a bit dippy, slightly clumsy, somewhat saucy and highly-intelligent and amusing to myself (and fortunately a few others - they're bladdered too though). Nx
  7. Like some of it, but still think singer sounds like Norman Wisdom with his banjo. Nx
  8. Haven't lived in the UK for quite a few years, but wonder if British people on the lash behave as badly at home as they do here. Don't even want to start on Ibiza! Which everyone pronounces incorrectly by the way. Admittedly Torremolinos isn't exactly 'des-res', 'Location, Location' territory (I have no choice as to my location unfortunately), but my Spanish mates down here aren't particularly impressed by British holiday-makers. Was in Prague a while ago, and they aren't too keen either. It isn't so much the drinking - that's to be expected (and hoped-for) on a holiday. It's more their pretty agressive attitude. Afraid the English seem to be the worst, Scots come off pretty well, and the Irish are jellybabies by comparison (compliment). Maybe 'cos they have the Euro (just a thought). Haven't come across too many Welsh (apart from in La Nogalera, think Dafyd, Little Britain). Also why do British people want a 'Place in the Sun' if they aren't prepared to integrate with or even learn the language .....in the sun? There seems to be so much opposition to immigrants in the UK, but that's what I am in Spain - an immigrant. Have learned the language, pay my social security and have a few Spanish friends. Won't go on any longer, as this is one of my true bugbears, and I'll become annoying. Any opinions? Nx
  9. Insomniac girl back. Advice to anyone new - try to make your messages look as much like spam as you can. Think it might make computer geek's job a bit more tricky! Nx
  10. Poor Jo, Total slip of the tongue. Bet she's mortified; she's as scrupulous about swearing on her show as the Ready Steady Cookers are about washing hands after touching chicken. You're all going to lynch me for saying this, but wouldn't put it past the mischievous Scott or Chappers for 'planting' rude word in her script. Karma payback time again. Nx
  11. Heard some of her programme. She seemed a bit freaked out by her guests, but was also flirting with them. What did she say though? Missed that bit. You can use a few asterisks, I have a good imagination. Nx
  12. Who's Viv???? How do I smash my laptop with my wackiness? Telekinesis? Nx
  13. The Hoff, soft spot, yeah, only 'cos I'm a nice person, and feel slightly sorry for him.
  14. Thanks Bumble, going to get this one on the screensaver just to SERIOUSLY freak out my other half when he gets home tomorrow. HAHAHAHA! (evil laugh). This ref is NOT popular in our household. Sometimes it isn't only an irrational FEAR of someone, it can also involve a deep dislike of them, or just an 'EEEEEWWWW/BLEUGH'-factor. Matt Damon is repulsive. I agree. Tony Blair creeps me out - it's his insincerity. Mel Gibson and the Pope give me nightmares. I'm INCREDIBLY scared by George Bush. Perhaps not irrational though. Same goes for Prodigy's Keith. He's only a slightly twisted Firestarter though. Georgie the Chimp has his finger on 'THE BUTTON'. Most politicians make my flesh crawl. Could go on forever. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat, big girl's blouse. Lots of people frighten me. Used to hide behind a cushion during Scooby Doo! Nx
  15. You lot are no use at all. I contact the forum with a perfectly reasonable request..... I'm none the wiser after all of your REALLY handy tips. On camomile tea tonight. Hope you all had a good weekend. Nx
  16. Nope, sorry. In a huff now. Going to bed. Have to sleep off the effect of those elusive mushrooms(?), and think up some more spam for Jono. Buenas noches Nx
  17. Hello Kelly, thanks for the kind welcome. At least SOME people can be civil! Hi Tim, Think there might have been volcano under castle in Edinburgh loooooong ago - talking Ice age-ish. Glasgow Volcano was amazing club where Bobbie Gillespie DJ'd every Sunday night and I watched the lovely Euan McGregor filming the club scene in Trainspotting. Showing my age now! Nx
  18. Give the girl a lolly! Thanks for noticing Stacey. King Tuts, Barrowlands, Del Monicas, The Art School (where I was a barmaid for a while), The Arches and the QMU are all places that shaped my life. I miss Glasgow a lot. Not the climate though. Expect it's changed a fair bit. The Volcano's been demolished I hear. Shame. I'm a 'she' by the way. Nx
  19. Smoke signals of course, we don't have much technology down here in these parts. Sorry, truce...? Less sarcasm. Was brought up in London, went to Uni in the fantastic city that is Glasgow (hence KingTutsWWH, could've been Volcano though), then moved to Spain. Always been sadly obssessed with new music. Scott's humour is a bonus. Nx
  20. Ludicrous 'nanny state' nonsense. If you can't explain the word 'sexy' to a child (even one who's just learned to speak), you don't deserve to be a parent. Then try getting a 6 year old Spanish kid to pronounce the word 'can't' correctly, without having to explain why it is soooo important that he does! Nx
  21. There's no-one here to confiscate my laptop, after a delicious, but pretty liquid dinner. The only thing that's preventing me from 'Boring for Britain' is Family Guy. Just you wait! I'm HONESTLY requesting a solution.... What do you do? Set a tone on your mobile for 2-3am saying 'STEP AWAY FROM THE LAPTOP WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD', or some sort of alarm on the TV a la Rick Mayal in The Young Ones telling you; 'GO TO BED, SPOTTY!'????? Maybe you could child-lock your computer, giving a friendly (preferably elderly, so you wouldn't dream of waking them) neighbour the code for tomorrow morning. IDEAS? Nx
  22. Is there a 'WOMAN CRUSH' definition in that 'Wiki' place? Sexism! My other half is rather partial to Edward (not Graham at least) Norton, Marc Steele David Attenborough and Eddie Izzard (worrying). As for me, well Amy Winehouse obviously, Sara Cox, Zadie Smith, Kylie, Helen Mirren. Random selection? Could go on... It's to do with admiration of their talent I s'pose. Nx
  23. Morning Jono, Yes, I know. Time moves on though, none of us are as young as we used to be etc etc; besides who enjoys waking up that early in the morning? Especially if they have to be 'perky, perky, perky' for 3 hours. I should know: teacher! Absolutely no slur intended regarding Scotts mental health. Just trying to look after him. Natx
  24. 2 words (or rather 1 sound effect and 1 word) EEEEEEEEEW and WHY?
  25. Think Scott would have a nervous breakdown if he was put into early morning slot permanently. He is a beautiful fragile little flower that needs to be nurtured.....and have a long lie in. Only in an environment such as this, can he thrive, and ENTERTAIN us! Although I would personally rather wake up to him (even though I'm not his type), I think he'd prefer to leave the early mornings to chubby. Think Moyles is great too though. Nx
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