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  1. Hmm, some fair comments there. I must admit that having Scott on in the afternoons does makes it more accessible for people to listen, just seems a shame that Scott's obvious talents aren't put to more use on the 'prime time' show. As long as I get to hear him at some point in the day I'm happy! He's definitely stepped up to my personal favourite DJ ahead of Moyles now.
  2. Good Mornin' all! I've been a long time lurker and decided I'd post my thoughts about Scott filling in for Chris over the past few weeks.... I used to listen to Chris Moyles in the afternoons when he was with Dave and Will and found him brilliant. Wasn't sure what Scott was doing back then. When Chris moved to mornings, I initially thought it was great and it was for a while. However I've found more and more than whilst driving to work, I've been reducing the volume more and more to get away from the awful music and the inane and frequently more patronising talking parts. There are parts that still make me laugh but just less than previously. For the past few months, I've started to realise that Scott is actually far more entertaining than Chris on so many more levels. I think the start of this was when the whole Laura phenomenon started with the diary and the date contest. The recent weeks when Scott has been doing the morning show, I've found that I've been laughing much harder again (the best solution for thinking about going to work!) and really enjoyed it. It'll be sad when Chris and that moronic quiz Celebrity Tarzan comes back. Celebrity Growler is a far superior quiz! ;-) I've decided I'd much rather have Scott on in the mornings and banish Chris back to afternoons. I presume with this being a Mills fan site that most will be of the same opinion?! Cheers!
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