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  1. Rac.

    What a thicko!

    My maths teacher that I've had for the last few months doesn't seem capable of teaching us anything. Our class has actually had to correct her about 5 times 'cause she's been using the wrong equations or just making really stupid mistakes, which is frustrating what with exams.
  2. Rac.

    The Music Thread

    It's okay, but definitely not as good as their first album. With Pretty. Odd. they seem determined to copy the Beatles, and although I love the Beatles, this new music seems forced. I was there on the Saturday too! I was standing, pretty near the front too which was awesome. What was your favourite song they played? I thought Knights of Cydonia was immense, a really good song to start off with.
  3. Rac.

    What does (: mean?

    I think it's just the same as ": )" but people think they're being different doing it the opposite way to what is considered normal.
  4. The memory I miss most is going on the school history trip in June. It was such an eye-opening experience seeing the Somme, Paschendaele etc. and the best bit was that everybody got on, no matter what "clique" they were from, if they were a "mosher", "goth", "chav", whatever.
  5. Heh, thanks guys. I don't think there'll be much drinking involved, but I'm going to a gig on Sunday with a friend which shall be fab
  6. You have great taste in football teams
  7. Rac.

    Gigs in 2007

    I'm seeing Madina Lake in eight days, shall be good! I also want to see Drive-By Argument, but I don't know if I'd be allowed to go.
  8. That's awful news. It's bad enough that Colin died, but for his young son to die too makes it so much worse. What a horrible time for the family.
  9. Rac.

    A Question...

    Ok, thanks. I think I'll go for the iPod 'cause I'd get more for my money. Is there a reason the Zen costs as much as the iPod when it doesn't have as much memory, or is it just overpriced?
  10. Oh god, I was hoping she'd learned after that interview with him a while back haha.
  11. Rac.

    A Question...

    Thanks for your help guys. I have a nano at the moment but I was wanting a mp3 with video 'cause it'd be cool and the memory is full on my nano. I think Zen's look nicer, but I don't know how much memory it or the iPod video has, any idea?
  12. Rac.

    A Question...

    It's my birthday coming up, and I'm wanting to get a video mp3 player. But what one should I get, the iPod, or Creative Zen?
  13. Musically, I'd like to be as good as Matt Bellamy, from Muse. He's amazing at guitar and piano, and his voice has such a wide range, he sings higher than most girls.
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