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  1. Adzha


    Thanks I meant mood on the forum (Timsk), but mood in real life, often needs boosting for me.
  2. Adzha

    How was your day?

    I had a good night, I went to bed to get away from that stupid Harry Potter. I hope he does die, to shut everyone up about him. Not to be miserable, but in the past few weeks all I've heard is Harry Potter and Spiderpig. Yes, ok spiderpig was funny first time, but 100 times later it is more annoying than [something annoyin]
  3. Not with them sorts of food But, I always liked marmite, but now I hate it.
  4. I'm so looking forward to driving at 17, and not relying on public transport or my parents. What difference is a year going to make?
  5. Adzha


    Anyone else suffering bad? Despite the rain, I can hardly breath, and the pollen count is always high. I have changed medication, to something 10 times stronger, yet I still feel awful. It's a shame because without the hayfever, I'd feel fine.
  6. We've only had a bit of rain tonight, finished school today, to rainy summer hols! Nice 1 No flooding, thank god, except by school as its on a big hill, and the bottom was flooded.
  7. Adzha


    It is awsome, I love it, and strangely only boys I know love it. Great sense of humour for teens & young adults I suppose. Kids wouldnt understand, and old people wouldn;t laugh at the jokes.
  8. Mines either one of the greats by The Fray (Cable Car, She Is etc.) or Good Charlotte (I Just Wanna Live) or MCR (Teenagers) or Mika (Happy Ending) I can't decide, so they are my faves. :
  9. Adzha


    Has anyone else seen this? Its on 10:30 on E4, but I am in bed for early mornings then. I watch it on youtube. It;s so funny! Some of the best TV I have seen in months! :
  10. Adzha


    How do you change your mood? Sorry i've not been on the site for months
  11. I dont have any now I'm grown up but apparently when I was little I had one called Chingle
  12. Is the 1 like in the radio 1 big weekend logo?
  13. It can be new releases but there are also some great older classics: Aerosmith - Walk This Way Dolly Parton - 9 to 5 Jackson 5 - I Want You Back.
  14. I think mines The Fray - How to Save a Life - I seem to listen to it all the time and I love the chorus. What's your favourite song at the moment?
  15. Is it spend all their money? Or put some in a very high-interest savings account
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