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  1. A lot of girls say Wanye Rooney is mingin. But if he asked them out, i bet many wouldn't say no. You see I cant judge on his looks, but although he is a ruff b*stard, he has a good personality, and is actually a good hearted guy (you see i never listen to the papers).
  2. DC


    No, my school was anti-american i think. Mr Pruck: "Well me having non of that here" Kid: "Well were leaving, dont we get anything" Mr Pruck: *Hands them an hotel mint*
  3. Yea, have always wanted to take a look at US tv (mainly to take this p*ss out of it). There would only be the Olsen twins, Paris Hilton, 50 Cent and mabie some old A-Team repeats. But it's funny that they cant do things right! Commentry from the England game: "Headball from David Beckham, MichaelOwen puts in into the net, behind the man with gloves" The fact that they couldn't say Michael Owen in two words got me...
  4. My dad said the other day that there was a guy he knew from his old work. And he used to have a huge satalite dish in his backhard conneted to his TV. It was said that he could pick up CBS from America and NBC n all that stuff. Like Sky news does for CBS, they must bounce the stuff of satalites for other tv stations in other countries to pick their channel up. Must be interesting to mess around with that, better than watching Big Brother...
  5. We leave this thread to the girls eh Jono. Helen will be happy that blonde is winning.
  6. Yea my life is pretty smooth at the moment...
  7. Biggest regret, not listening to Mark & Lard more when they were on. I am not making the same mistake with Scott Mills.
  8. DC


    Screw soaps and reality TV. Top Gear the best thing on TV all the way!
  9. Well that didn't last...
  10. DC

    Sky Digital

    I have telewest cable, they say that the celeb calls are still going. Well for one day they was... By thew way chack out the Mills clips section, I have todays clips online of the celeb call, and the site mention.
  11. Listening to r1 now. Was listening to Jules from last Saturday.
  12. Got to admit though, the guy is tapped. i reckon he needs help before he goes completley off the rails...
  13. DC


    I have a cat. By day it is frightened of everything, by night it will jump into your arms... weird.
  14. HE he! Owww! That was me pasting above, i couldn't log in for some reason. So I had to register again.
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