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    Schedule Changes

    Hello everyone Aled here, Head of Programmes at Radio 1. Thank you for all your passion for Scott, Chris and Radio 1 - the station’s success relies on fans like yourselves caring about radio and what we do and all of us at Radio 1 really appreciate it. Don't worry - I’m not planning on hanging around and cramping your style, I’m trying to get hold of Jono. I’ve used the ‘Contact us’ section but I’ve heard nothing yet, if someone on the board has his contact please ask him to email me. (It’s nothing bad!) Keep up the amazing work everyone, be as critical as you like, I’m sure Scott appreciates it. Thanks, Aled.
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    Mike Duce joining Radio 1? (Rumour)

    Whoooooooo??!! Is it Ozzy Osbourne Mark? Sounds just like her!!
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    Old shows

    Some of you may be interested in these recent uploads of Scott on early breakfast in 2001. Radio 1 at it's peak about this point for me.
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    Old shows

    I recorded a load of Scott mills for this site from 2005-2007. I plan to try and get them up onto my mixcloud but it's gonna take a hell of a long time. I have already got some local radio such as BRMB up on there, and my Mark & Lard collection too. I have so much Scott Mills to get on there though it's outrageous. Keep your eyes on it all though mixcloud.com/midlandanorak
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    Scott Mills to Heart Breakfast?

    Also here’s something small.https://radiotoday.co.uk/2019/05/heart-drivetime-show-presenters-announced-by-global/ Lucy who’s been hosting breakfast with Jamie for months now seems to be going quietly. Also it’s sad with the axe on local shows- those djs worked hard. Somebody big at global decides to axe what few local shows there are on these networks
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