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  1. Acelink

    Will Scott go to R2?

    Can’t see Scott going anywhere in a hurry. Maybe in couple of years when schedule has stabilised and R1’s have more upcoming talent could see him and Chris going to weekends before touching r2 but right now there’s no reason to concider him for R2 , he’s still top of his game on R1’s and the only reason anyone could suggest R2 is because of age but that’s hatdly relevant when the content he puts out is relevant to target audience
  2. Game of Phones was also a feature of Saturday night takeaway but since that’s going to be off for a year I’m sure Ant and Decs version will be forgotten about by time they are back
  3. Acelink

    Nick Grimshaw's new show

    I think every presenter is allowed ‘their thing’ Greg - geeky stuff Dev - his unique self deprecating sense of humour And for Grimmy - it’s showbiz - that’s his thing it got him the breakfast gig and he was friends with the stars that had a lot of influence in the show bringing entertainment news and almost co host seems right it’s the right ingredients for him to thrive. I genuinely think Nick has a lot more energy in this show from what we’ve heard so far, it sounds like he actually wants to be here which is more than the last year of breakfast. He’s involving callers and their stories and looking for input with a format. Personally I wasn’t thinking it would be much but actually really enjoying Grimmy in this new slot, an excellent swap for him and Greg - both in their right places
  4. Listen to Greg’s first show and Grimmys last you can definitely hear their strong music tastes throughout. A lot less rap and rnb this morning
  5. Strange. You’d of thought greg would have got the all clear to put that up with all the imaging rather than changing it. Sounded good though. hopefully recrecording the voiceover guy roll on Monday!
  6. New imaging sounds great, very Greg. a niggle that’s going to grow - i can’t buy the way the guy says ‘breakfast’ through his teeth (9seconds in the podcast) now ive pointed that out i can’t unhear it and it’s goinng to get irritate me each day
  7. Yeah I think it’s more of a steer and nod towards Scott’s shows of recent years, sorting listener problems, involvement with their stories and development of listeners to regular show characters such as James the pi and good news Jamie. the days of Moyles full on zoo format are long gone. Thinking back to listening to Moyles growing up and it was abit strange that radio1 - breakfast show aimed at young people who love music had musicless Moyles on for so long. I loved the show and love Moyles but totally get why they’ll never go back to that
  8. I can imagine older features making come back or current any features wanting to be carried over, been rested over summer so it doesn’t feel like a straight copy and paste show from drive to breakfast therell be fresh ideas too no doubt but I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose Greg for a couple of weeks at least ‘holiday’ , before the breakfast show launches to give them prep time
  9. Acelink

    Radio 1 Podcasts

    For those who don’t follow Jordan North on twitter, himself and his friend William Hanson have a great podcast called ‘help I sexted my boss’ Not a radio1 podcast so some of you may have missed it as can’t get promoted on the radio either, although I can’t see why radio1 won’t him one commission soon as this shows loads of potential
  10. Acelink

    Schedule Changes

    Yaaaasssss dance anthems! So happy this is staying and Scott is presenting it!
  11. Acelink

    BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    Curveball suggestion/theory: The gradual takeover of “Radio 1’s greatest hits” and the amount of new talent and duo presenters been nurtured are preparation for new “greatest hits” internet/iPlayer radio station which fills the most demographic of those stuck between radio 1 & 2. A greatest hits channel. radio1 listeners who are above the demographic and are enjoying the greatest hits show more than the new music would have a gentle perfect bridge to the new station and it would allow radio1 to concentrate on core audience. it would help bridge the massive leap between radio1 and 2 listeners and keep the older demographic side of radio1 engaged with bbc radio opposes to been lost in limbo . I cant see this happening anytime soon , especially with recent changes we’ve seen already and aware this is a completely out there suggestion. Radio stations don’t just appear overnight but hey, it’s a curveball afterall and stranger things have happened ... who saw the extended weekend coming
  12. Acelink

    Schedule Changes

    Yesterday grimmy was talking about how if he won the lottery he’d take a year off and then come back and ‘be Annie mac’ so he could have full day free do radio then go out. I know mostly in jest although Seemed an odd thing for a breakfast host to say - that given the choice they’d not do breakfast - the main show. He’s obviously known that he would be covering for Annie soon when he said this but this and the schedule changes amongst other things show it’s more obvious now than ever grimmy is getting sidelined and not the main attraction he once was
  13. Acelink

    Radio 1 Podcasts

    Enjoying the amount of podcasts - never short on something to listen to anymore. Im sure in the first best of podcast Scott said they may get into older stuff so can imagine after next few more starting to delve into tap end etc but think we’re unlikely to hear of anything pre-Chris also enjoing Nicky and Danny’s peachy podcast their episode with Scott and Chris about bad jokes was great - reflecting on the lolathon
  14. Acelink

    Schedule Changes

    Awesome! Seems Jordan is the new go to drive time stand in, can only see more of this coming when new schedule takes effect.
  15. Acelink

    Friday is now the weekend

    I think this must have been in works for some time and previous schedule changes have built up to this to make change more minimal come June. It’s obvious that the rotating celebrities were to trial matts co host and from last months performance with mollie it was a given that they have great show dynamic together so excellent news to make this move now and stop ‘auditioning’ them. Putting Scott with maya was to help make her radio ready but she’s still the inferior presenter out of maya and Jordan yet they are latching onto her for her as an established name hoping she’ll get better - we’ve seen this fail so many times before , worst news to come out of today’s changes imo Removal of Friday dance anthems seems backwards considering the staleness off the chart but good news for Scott sticking with five days and getting the chart! As much as this is billed to ‘continue the weekday listeners into the weekend’ , I also think the changes prepare the weekday listeners for more of “ben’s famous straight swaps” and develop a listening relationship with the ‘next generation’ of weekend presenters ahead of potential future changes/swaps from weekday/weekend Ultimately a good move - the weekend presenters will be on more of a level with weekday presenters and more of a part of the radio one family and certainly mixes it up abit!