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  1. Radio 1 Podcasts

    Enjoying the amount of podcasts - never short on something to listen to anymore. Im sure in the first best of podcast Scott said they may get into older stuff so can imagine after next few more starting to delve into tap end etc but think we’re unlikely to hear of anything pre-Chris also enjoing Nicky and Danny’s peachy podcast their episode with Scott and Chris about bad jokes was great - reflecting on the lolathon
  2. Schedule Changes

    Awesome! Seems Jordan is the new go to drive time stand in, can only see more of this coming when new schedule takes effect.
  3. Friday is now the weekend

    I think this must have been in works for some time and previous schedule changes have built up to this to make change more minimal come June. It’s obvious that the rotating celebrities were to trial matts co host and from last months performance with mollie it was a given that they have great show dynamic together so excellent news to make this move now and stop ‘auditioning’ them. Putting Scott with maya was to help make her radio ready but she’s still the inferior presenter out of maya and Jordan yet they are latching onto her for her as an established name hoping she’ll get better - we’ve seen this fail so many times before , worst news to come out of today’s changes imo Removal of Friday dance anthems seems backwards considering the staleness off the chart but good news for Scott sticking with five days and getting the chart! As much as this is billed to ‘continue the weekday listeners into the weekend’ , I also think the changes prepare the weekday listeners for more of “ben’s famous straight swaps” and develop a listening relationship with the ‘next generation’ of weekend presenters ahead of potential future changes/swaps from weekday/weekend Ultimately a good move - the weekend presenters will be on more of a level with weekday presenters and more of a part of the radio one family and certainly mixes it up abit!
  4. Schedule Changes

    Getting known names on weekend presenting roles is nothing new although I think this monthly double act with Matt is a good way of radio 1 seeing what known names also make good radio presenters and how the audience warm to them through these taster shows. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see one of the names lined up to present with Matt his year, getting their own show in the future.
  5. Schedule Changes

    Jordan covering instead of Dev is great opportunity for him on daytime and his show today was sick! I love the way he talks to the audience like his mates down the pub, a great warm and relaxed style. Here’s to more Jordan !
  6. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Seems the answer to my earlier question has now been answered. New comedy podcasts drop 5th Feb and include some content In Future from Matt Edmondson . More podcasts to enjoy quiet excited for this! Radio 1 brings back comedy press office announcement
  7. Let's play Who Tennis online!

    “Finding Beccy’s forte” wHOOOOOO!
  8. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Agree hopefully this will pave the way for more Jordan cover as he is great. The pair up with Maya Scott and Chris on a Friday seems interesting move but then again it might help her learn to introduce news Glad to have matts show back but don’t understand why dev is still on breakfast anyone know what happened to the original content podcasts we were meant to be getting when we got the last schedule change? Seems we just have artist takeover 3-4am did they get scrapped or never happen
  9. Bangers Mix

    Loved it but I Hope it’s not a gear up for bigger things like a full ‘bangers show’ or a swap with Matt who already seems to now control such a show. matt edmondsons last podcast before he went away in September he talked about the podcast returning and stories in October but so far he’s been stuck still doing the ‘Greatest Hits Show’ and the one feature remaining that fits in parents vs kids quiz. Don’t know how long this will carry on for or even if he anticipated it