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  1. I can imagine older features making come back or current any features wanting to be carried over, been rested over summer so it doesn’t feel like a straight copy and paste show from drive to breakfast therell be fresh ideas too no doubt but I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose Greg for a couple of weeks at least ‘holiday’ , before the breakfast show launches to give them prep time
  2. Acelink

    Radio 1 Podcasts

    For those who don’t follow Jordan North on twitter, himself and his friend William Hanson have a great podcast called ‘help I sexted my boss’ Not a radio1 podcast so some of you may have missed it as can’t get promoted on the radio either, although I can’t see why radio1 won’t him one commission soon as this shows loads of potential
  3. Acelink

    Schedule Changes

    Yaaaasssss dance anthems! So happy this is staying and Scott is presenting it!