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  1. They're both on this list...
  3. Is this contract ending soon? Or is it a 3 year one?
  4. The one with Napoleon the parrot (March 4th 2009) is a classic
  5. ETA: not happy about the Christmas mixes, looks like Scott has to drop RONR again
  6. Anyone know who the new producer is?
  7. That's the impression I'm getting too...
  8. What's going on with the "DJs & Shows" photos? It looks like they're guest stars on the Love Boat (whoo)
  9. Thank you!!
  11. Anyone happen to have the first show they did in the afternoon, April 2nd 2012? I can't find it in the podcast archive
  12. Was just watching this video: At around 5:57 Gemma's talking about crashing vocals and she doesn't seem that bothered about it....