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  1. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions
  2. Schedule Changes

    Mistajam tweeted that he's taking over Dance Anthems on Saturday afternoons
  3. Mills to Present Radio 2 Show 10pm-2am

    Looks like he'll make another appearance on Radio 2 next month
  4. 2 complaints
  5. They're both on this list...
  6. Mills to Present Radio 2 Show 10pm-2am
  7. Another year of Mills on R1?

    Is this contract ending soon? Or is it a 3 year one?
  8. Getting Friends Into the Show

    The one with Napoleon the parrot (March 4th 2009) is a classic
  9. Christmas and New Year on Radio 1 2016 ETA: not happy about the Christmas mixes, looks like Scott has to drop RONR again
  10. Bye Will!

    Anyone know who the new producer is?
  11. Has Scott split with Brad?

    That's the impression I'm getting too...
  12. New Radio 1 Website

    What's going on with the "DJs & Shows" photos? It looks like they're guest stars on the Love Boat (whoo)