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  1. Actually got the chance to listen to Friday's Dance Anthems last night live. The new imaging sounded fantastic during the mixes. Wonder why the intro still has the 2014 voiceovers?
  2. The 10 Minute Takeover got an update a couple of weeks ago too. Dance Anthems next maybe? The imaging sticks out like a sore thumb on a Saturday teatime.
  3. I was a bit worried there'd be very few retro items because of the heavy youth focus these days, but having the pop-up station is genius. It means they can be as a old school as they want whilst keeping the celebrations more current on the main station with Live Lounge Month. Looking forward to this! A little surprised Global have allowed Moyles to (hopefully) have some input so good on them. Also - "Where It Began". Nice.
  4. Sounds like the Live Lounge imaging has been updated with the new voices, theme is the same as before. That pretty much just leaves Dance Anthems and the 10 Minute Takeover surely? Oh, and the chart.
  5. Who fancies hearing a sort of clean version of the (1Xtra) intro? Scroll to 1:29:48
  6. Any demos online?
  7. So a new Newsbeat package has launched this morning. Sounds like an update to Daniel Mumford's last theme. Thoughts?
  8. Pure Jingles have uploaded a demo of some beds they've made for Radio 1, with new voiceovers. Don't think I've heard them on air yet however.
  9. She crashed the vocal on her last news intro, just for old time's sake.
  10. It's not really any of our business to be honest. We don't know her personal and/or contract circumstances, and neither we should. Interesting however that the powers that be don't seem to have settled on permanent cover for the show. I prefer Jordan to Luke - the latter still sounds a bit too commercial for Radio 1.
  11. And from a geeky perspective his news intros are spot on - right up to the vocal.
  12. He does sound like he'd maybe fit better on Capital or Heart rather than Radio 1, but then it was his first show and I guess it takes a bit of time to adapt style. Surprised he was given such a prominent slot for his first appearance but hey ho - he does sound very slick and there's definitely potential there. Saying that it's good to hear some new voices on Radio 1 daytime and not just someone that's transitioned over from 1Xtra.
  13. Radio Today has an article on them: It seems Contraband are producing intros for the recurring/older songs and IMGR are doing the newer ones?
  14. The new imaging seems to have been rolled out across all the DJs now, but it does leave Newsbeat, the chart and Dance Anthems standing out like a sore thumb with the old voices. Maybe one day.
  15. Wow, that is incredible.