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  1. Well spotted. Sounds like the existing sonic logo remains in a refreshed form. I think that's the old voiceovers now officially gone from the station.
  2. Ant L

    Schedule Changes

    Are we thinking the chart will get a whole new imaging package come Friday? The current theme debuted in 2015 I think so it would make sense for a refresh.
  3. Ant L

    Radio 1 Podcasts

    Get yourself the Apple Podcasts app if you have an iPhone (not sure about Android). You can download the podcast to your device and play it as a local file through Sonos.
  4. I'm not sure - I think I'd tire of starting work at 6:30am every day too. Especially the likes of Grimmy who seems to enjoy a bit of a party lifestyle.
  5. Amazing news! So very pleased for Gregory James, he really does deserve the breakfast show. I can’t help but feel this is all part of the shift away from trying to appeal to the under 16s rather than those a little older - Greg’s show has always felt more appropriate to the late teens-mid 20s audience to me. As others have said, Grimmy’s had a good run but I often feel he’s being restricted by the format. He’s very good at what he’s been told to do, I think would be fair to say. Good luck to both.
  6. Ant L

    What's the big deal about moyles?

    Ha, I thought I was the only one to notice that. It's been 'bugging' me since they launched in January. I originally thought it was Chris speaking when they were first played. I think it's just a trumpet or something.
  7. Ant L

    Carrie gives birth to Baby Poppy!

    Baby has been born. Poppy was born yesterday afternoon
  8. I quite like this. I can see it as a grower for a lot of people.
  9. Ant L

    New voiceovers on the way?

    I notice the jingle this morning said 'Radio 1' as opposed to 'BBC Radio 1' just like the olden days. I wonder.
  10. Ant L

    Matt Edmondson in for Dev

    I heard that - sounded like a new jingle voiceover too. Hmm.
  11. Ant L

    Asian Network and 6Music to close?

    I agree. 1Xtra plays one genre of music whilst Radio 1 plays a mixture. Cross-promoting 1Xtra is simply giving priority to one kind of music - something which Radio 1 avoids by use of the varied playlist. I'm pretty sure there's enough cross-promotion anyway on Saturday evenings.
  12. Ant L

    User titles have been updated!

    Back to Welcome Alonger - beats being Kelly Osbourne again though.
  13. Ant L

    James Corden In With Chris Moyles

    Haha fantastic. I knew he'd do it in the end.
  14. Ant L

    James Corden In With Chris Moyles

    I agree - the shows this week have been brilliant. The whole Michelin Man thing the other day had me in kinks.
  15. I really love the new jingles. The out of news sounds fantastic. But I am going to miss the closing jingle - I was gutted to hear it go yesterday.