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  1. Wesołych Świąt!!!:biggrin: Guys, Love You all (You know that;-)), and I want to wish you VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And all the best in 2007!!! Happy Holidays Treacle! Eva
  2. Emotional Wacky Altruist
  3. I'm sorry about your dog too. I would be devastated if my dog pass away. he is 12, but I know his time will come one day and it will be very sad day... my little cat is ill, I don't even know what's wrong with him. He's hobbling around the hose, holding front leg up and not putting any weight on it at all, he doesn't want to eat, but I hope he will be fine in few days. This is a cat, he will pull through, but I don't like to see animals suffer. who does? hmmm... only people with hearts of stone, I think.
  4. Eva

    A little game...

    I cant tyoe cery well sith my eyea xlosed hmmm.. not bad...
  5. haha! yes! especially phoning his house at 11 pm, talking crap to his father, and saying "good evening" instead of "good night" at the end of call! :oops: I know something about this too:roll:
  6. Eva

    Banned Words List

    I agree(:*) (P.S. TES I like this Suzuki on your avatar ;-))
  7. it was Men, Women & Children with the song Dance in my blood this is the videoone of my friends mentioned something about this song the other day, so I decided to check it, and I have to say, I like it:biggrin:
  8. I was just kidding. you're sweet girl, but you know, your geekness scares him:biggrin:
  9. :giggle::giggle::giggle: he doesn't like you Ema,probably hates with a passion
  10. Don't be sad Lucinda, all you have to do is just click on "Listen again", and you can do this over and over again;-)
  11. Hello Tricks! I've missed 1st hour, but listening to the Wonder Years and this just getting better and better.. I love "missing" Tuuuuune!
  12. I was wondering about that too.marvellous... I want to have the same hair-do!!!!:cry: not my current rubbish...
  13. Shoutbox? for revision? it doesn't have a sense:-? :biggrin:;-) Sorry Ema, Please talk to me again...
  14. Ask Scott:biggrin: He will come into your house with his new best mate.... Steve;-)
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