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  1. On 2/10/2022 at 12:51 PM, Lily Georgia said:

    Deb Grant is in for Arielle next Tuesday, 15th February.

    Deb Grant is listed as covering Chris Hawkins’ early breakfast show on 6Music for 1 day only

  2. 8 hours ago, Dan18F1 said:

    I think that’s really bad that they can’t find presenters for the next 2 days early breakfast really. Just seems like really lazy programming there from management!

    Agreed. Very lazy and unprofessional for one of the biggest stations in the country. It’s like when they didn’t cover the Sunday breakfast show a few months ago. The station has never had so many presenters either so it doesn’t make sense. 

  3. 1 hour ago, BBCAaron said:

    Comes from someone who’s username is lemme rant. We should be open for different ideas constructive ideas. We don’t need to agree all the time. But things are open for discussion and that’s what I least like do feel we should respect open discussion about different ideas. As saw some stuff that the blog was sharing that think different for and that should be a good thing I’m young person 20 feel good team of presenters but like anyone else passionate about radio want to share my ideas. After all it’s the station for young people the station should be ours and to say what we want about it if it does come across like a rant I don’t mean to be harsh or overly critical feel fhat the station could do more things to appeal to young people i like the station but as always nothing is without its flaws. 

    Said it at the start if you’re username is lememrant seems hypocritical to tell others not to rant if that’s how you see it 

    Don’t go worrying about my username. My history will show that I don’t constantly spam these forums, but instead save my ranting until someone needs to be told to stop going on and on. 

    Please give the rest of us a break. 

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