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  1. On 7/4/2021 at 7:31 PM, Bluestraw said:

    My one thing... Slightly rebalance the speech / music mix (add more speech / entertainment). I'm not saying things will go back to the many long links that were part of Scott's earlier Drive shows, but perhaps just add one additional decent-length link every 30 mins during daytime. I think it would help strengthen R1's distinctive output.

    I get what you mean here but Radio 1 is a music station and does already have long links compared to Capital. Especially on Scott & Greg there are easily 5 min gaps between songs at times with features etc. Capital you literally never get more than 30 seconds. I personally think Radio 1 strikes the perfect balance on this 

  2. Sad to see Grimmy go as he has been on Radio 1 ever since I started listening. 

    I think Vick & Jordan will be a great combo though. I do believe, from September, R1 will have one of the best schedules it has ever had. Solid shows across the board. Looking forward to hearing it. 


  3. 1 hour ago, radio1fan said:

    Thought I’d put my twopence worth in, as I realise I haven’t posted on here too much since Greg took over breakfast.

    Greg’s incarnation of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show is by far my favourite in my time listening to the station (since the last few years of Moyles’ tenure on breakfast), as I much prefer the comedic, listener centric format to the more “showbiz”,  celebrity focused  formats used elsewhere on other youth-targeted breakfast shows (naming no names)

    Radio 1 has to be different to commercial competitors, and I truly believe they currently have the most distinctive breakfast show in the market.

    It is also one that is easily distilled into short social media snippets, which allow storylines (such as the recent “Tom the Young Farmer” saga) to play out to wider audiences away from linear radio, to hopefully hook new listeners into the show and keep them listening regularly. 

    As others have said, the recent awards for Greg, Scott, and the station itself at the ARIAs prove that Radio 1 are getting it right, especially on weekday daytime.

    I can definitely see Jordan getting drive when Grimmy moves on, but that doesn’t seem likely until at least 2022, given the refreshed schedule published in April that is due in September.

    RMC getting mid-mornings does seem a smart move given Clara’s promotion to Future Sounds, as they always provide an entertaining listen. 

    I hope Scott will continue on afternoons, as his show is still one of the best on the station, although I can see him doing more Radio 2 cover shifts alongside it. 




    Completely agree here. Personally Radio 1 Breakfast is my fav it's ever been (was never a fan of Moyles but I was probs a little too young really) - Greg provides exactly what you need in the morning, a laugh, some stupid stuff that takes you away from what's actually happening in the crazy world and loads of decent (and a wide variety) of music. As others have said I think this is the best R1 has ever been. There isn't a time when I don't want to listen (whereas previously I would have only listened to selective shows). Even most of the cover is pretty good, like Radio 1 Breakfast with Matt & Mollie works really well when Greg isn't there, likewise with Vick & Katie covering for Scott & Chris.  

  4. I know that rule definitely applied to Radio 1 Dance but the R1 Relax stuff doesn’t seem to have all aired previously although it’s definitely already on BBC Sounds before it airs so maybe that’s the rule. Some of the stuff seems to have come from 6 Music as well which is interesting, different stations sharing content. 

    Personally I’ve never really listened to the R1 Dance stream but have to say I’ve been listening to R1 Relax pretty much every evening (and I’m very much the target audience) so think this is a great move from Radio 1. Been really enjoying it (not into the asmr stuff though, they can scrap that ?).

  5. This sounds great! (Excuse the pun). How does this work with the ofcom rules? Obvs anything on R1 Dance has to have already aired on Radio 1, some of the stuff in the press release sounds specifically made for r1 relax?

  6. I think if she was going to any other BBC station they would have happely announced that on Radio 1/Press Release.

    I agree, don’t think there is anything commercial that really fits her show but can definitely see her at a streaming service as a music curator (maybe something like Phil Taggart does on Spotify) or even a specialist podcast or something. 

  7. As Greg said it’s so nice for this all to spill out live on air. You wouldn’t get this on commercial, there would be a press release at most and then the presenter would just disappear from the station without much notice

  8. 1 hour ago, Ash101 said:

    Biggest problem here is that the BBC is the state broadcaster for the UK. They didn’t air anything except news on TV last night, BBC One & Two showed the same. Four was suspended.

    They have a duty to announce the news in a respectful way, hence the simulcast. Maybe Radio 1 should’ve gone back to music earlier, but even if they did it would’ve only been instrumentals for longer.

    This has nothing to do with R1 management and would’ve been decisions made by the highest & the Beeb. From what I’ve read elsewhere today, these are plans that are in place way ahead of time. Stuff isn’t decided last minute.

    I get all the “should’ve done this to connect with the audience” stuff, but as state broadcaster the BBC has to be very careful. Commercial radio did offer an alternative yesterday, even sans adverts, so people had options.

    I understand this...and yeah these decisions are made right at the top of management. Doubt anyone had a say that actually works at Radio 1! 

    However, as a state broadcaster, surely (as we here all the time from the BBC themselves), there job is to provide something for everyone.

    Some radio stations completely dedicated to the news and extensive coverage (BBC Radio 4, 5 Live) but other providing light entertainment (music stations)....then as there duty as a state broadcaster they still provide regular updates on the music stations (through Newsbeat etc). 

    The same could be said for BBC TV yesterday, why on earth they shut down BBC Four and simulcast BBC One, Two, News and Parliament I have no idea. BBC One should have focused on the news coverage and BBC Two should have provided light entertainment (quiz programmes, Attenborough docs or something). 

  9. Completely agree with the above. I think BBC News stations (4/5) can provide the extensive coverage but music stations should not have basically been shut down. 

    In my opinion, yesterday, Radio 1 should have taken BBC Radio 4 from 12:10-13:00. Then Matt & Mollie should taken over from 13:00-17:00 with chilled music (with lyrics though!)and a few links/general chat but no games/normal show content. Newsbeat updates should then have been every 30 mins throughout the day. I think it’s probs appropriate to suspend the chart as you can’t really control the content of it particularly well. 

    From 17:00-18:00 I would have had a Newsbeat Special and then from 6pm Scott Mills could have taken over with regular Newsbeat bulletins and chilled tunes through the evening (Danny then could have taken over through the night etc to continue the chill).

    From 7am this morning Radio 1 should have returned to usual schedule but with no specialist shows throughout the weekend (The Official Chart should have replaced Dance Anthems). 

    From Monday Radio 1 should be back to normal. 


    I think the above better serves Radio 1’s young target audience as what they have currently is just making people turn off.

  10. On 3/19/2021 at 10:04 PM, Dan18F1 said:

    Yes, the first hour of Dance Anthems does seem to be requests. I would guess that Sunday Breakfast finishes at 11 because the Chillout Anthems have been made into 1 hour long shows with 4 put together, a bit like the R1 Dance shows. 

    They will still have to break for the news at 10:30 on the Sunday though, so doesn't really make sense why next presenter can't takeover as normal. Just seems inconsistent. 

  11. 3 hours ago, Dan18F1 said:

    Looks like Vick and Katie are actually covering Breakfast on the Friday of the week that Greg is off and Matt and Mollie will be staying on their usual show.


    Not who I expected to see as breakfast cover at all but it will be interesting to see how they manage it! 

    Interesting! Vick Hope obviously has experience as she just came from Capital Breakfast. Will be great to hear them at that time! 

  12. On 2/13/2021 at 12:14 PM, JamTriv said:

    Not entirely relevant but how do they do the news? Is the newsbeat studio on a fader and it just gets faded up a few seconds before :30? Also is the newsbeat ramp a track (like on a fader?) or a touch screen button?

    As the news is simulcast across three stations I believe it’s a little more complex then this as each station uses its own Newsbeat intro. BBCR1 uses ‘1’, 1Xtra uses ‘1Xtra’ and AN uses ‘Asian Network’. 

    So I believe what happens is each presenter plays there own ramp into the news (the bit where they talk over e.g ‘it’s 9:30 on Radio 1, it’s time for Newsbeat with Roisin Hastie’), then after the ‘1’, ‘1Xtra’ etc they will quickly fade up the Newsbeat studio which which will have the headline bed playing on a loop for the reader to read the headline over . Then the newsreader will press play on the ‘Newsbeat’ ident and main story bed when ready. The whole of Newsbeat is then controlled by the newsreader (clips and different FX) before the outro is played where the presenters on the individual stations will fade out the Newsbeat studio and resume the show. 

    Each presenter obviously has to hit play at the exact second on their ramp otherwise they will miss the headline or be too early (which you hear sometimes when there is just the bed looping with no one talking).

    I presume the ramps are on faders so they can fade in and out if required (sometimes, if a bit late, Greg fades in the ramp a bit late just in time for the ‘1’ ident, but skipping the actual ramp).

    what is interesting, at breakfast when Greg always talks to Roisin, they have to leave a pause after the news to make sure 1Xtra/Asian Network have taken the Newsbeat studio off air otherwise they would hear Roisin talking to Greg without hearing Greg. 

  13. On Matts story at the weekend he showed the play out screen. 

    as expected it looks like Anthems is pre-mixed in chunks (I don’t think full 30 mins though), I think chucks of 10-15 mins as he accidentally played the same one twice. Hit play on a track and it started playing one 3 or 4 tracks earlier and then went “woops we’ve already played that” so obviously has the wrong mix cued. They all seem to have whooshes as ins and outs.

    in terms of meta, on the play out screen it had the mix highlighted and then each track was just added as a note below, obvs for DJ reference but don’t know whether that’s linked to the ‘now playing’ as well. 

  14. 9 hours ago, Lee E said:

    It makes sense for Scott to have a holiday

    I mean he worked all of the summer I think bar the weeks he was forced off for Clara on 11-3, I see Sam his BF is involved with Hits Radio South Coast but not sure where? cannot see him on the schedule 

    I would think Chris would usually have the same week, but it has happened before 

    i also wonder now if Dev is the main daytime cover again? now Jordan has his own slot 3 times a week, wonder if Dev will be the main cover for Scott and Grimmy? or will it be Cel going forward, has there been a swap of roles, Cel is now the supply teacher as Jordan has the weekend mids slot? 

    Also now, what happens to the chart when Scott is off, as Jordan was often used for that, will that be someone who's not on a Friday like Katie? Vick? maybe Mistajam (he did it for Greg back in the day and he doesn't work Fridays) or someone like Jordahn with Cel covering for him 

    Will be interesting to see who covers the chart. I have a feeling it will be Vick & Katie

  15. 4 hours ago, Jordan12 said:

    I just don't see the need for the for the 10am-11am anthems slot or the party anthems 3pm-4pm on a Friday. It feels like a complete waste of four hours of radio, and as I have said, Jordan and Dev could have easily been given three hour slots each across their days instead of this.

    I agree I don’t really like Anthems anymore, feels unnecessary. They could just slip a couple of classic turns into the playlist throughout the day. Or make some classic mixes available on BBC Sounds.

    I always thought Party Anthems was good 6-7 as it kind of symbolised end of the working week and start of the weekend. Bit pointless 3-4. If they wanted to bring Annie Mac forward I would of done Official Chart 3-5 and Party Anthems 5-5:45. 

  16. Does it say anywhere who is presenting Anthems and Party Anthems? 

    I presume Jordan at the weekend. I wonder if Dev is presenting on a Friday as a big “Build Up” to the Official Chart With Scott Mills? Would make more sense then Scott presenting it (although Scott is really good on Party Anthems) I think. I wish they had left it at 6 though, makes more sense as start of the weekend kind of thing. 

  17. 10 hours ago, Graeme said:

    They should keep one of the evening shows dropped too like this week?

    I know Jack Saunders is recording his from home. I presume Annie may do the same and then only one of RMC will be live in the studio while the others join via audio link? 

    I believe all co-presenters, so presumably Chris Stark, one of Matt & Mollie, one of Dev & Alice as well will join via audio link...don't know how they do that? 

  18. 7 hours ago, Dan18F1 said:

    Some of the Christmas schedule has been released and it’s  not a lot different to normal:


    4:00 Katie Thistleton 

    6:30 Matt and Mollie

    4:00 Jordan North

    Everything else as normal 


    Same except it’s just Matt on breakfast 

    From Boxing Day to New Years Eve: 

    It looks like they have got radio 1 Anthems everyday doing 3 hours of music from each year from 2000. 

    NYD and 2nd:

    Same as Christmas Eve except Reece is in for RMC


    Normal Schedule except no Mollie on breakfast! 



    Harpz Kaur is in for Scott on 23rd and Dev is in for Scott on 24th.

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