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  1. I reckon Dev and Alice babysat him, Dev was there at the start and Alice came in about 1145
  2. He was talking to Dev after the show, who said he was hanging about to help him if he got into trouble, Rylan is definitely not driving it
  3. Thanks for reply. So what happened to Scott this morning when they aired 2hrs of Harry Styles talking to Grimmy did he go home at 8 ? Sent from my SM-G925F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  4. Hi should have introduced myself. I am Lee, from Sussex. Radio enthusiast, mage geek, and very keen listener to R1 daytimes, fan of Scott's show and admire his career, as well as other R1 presenters. Was early 20's in the "go to work with Moyles and come home with Mills" era. Love chatting to you guys and finding out loads of stuff from the knowledge here, great site, am also on the Moyles version.
  5. Brilliant chat with Scott on the handover
  6. Wow thanks, never knew there was a Moyles one as well
  7. I would imagine its something similar to what is called in my industry "rostered annual leave" where your leave is defined into three blocks (2 weeks spring, 2 Summer and 2 winter) with some spare days to take ad hoc. So first 2 weeks April 17 are "the breakfast team" etc etc. Just a theory. Whats pleasing this week, is that breakfast is in effect Scott and Chris's 1-4 show just between 630-10 instead with their features, and bits, where as Scott standing in on a sick day would be Grimmys normal show with Scott hosting, listened to Coxy a bit on R2 as well, and she is doing a good job there as well. So this week and next 9apart from Friday where there is a two hour Grimmy/Styles interview we have half hour more of the usual Mills show just in the morning, and Matt wasn't too bad covering the 1-4 slot. leading on from this..... now when Scott covers Breakfast like this, do they use studio 82A where grimy comes from or do they use their own one?
  8. Would love to listen to Moyles on the afternoon show if anyone has it Thanks for the responses
  9. Now I have another question (thanks for the replied BTW) It would sound to me that Grimmys whole team are on holiday Does this mean Scotts whole team moves to the breakfast show and produces that, which is why all of Scotts features are on there - its basically the normal 1-4 show but in the morning, where as when Scott has covered odd days, its all of the usual stuff If Scotts team is on the breakfast show, then who would be doing the Matt Edmunson show in the afternoon covering for Scott - Matts Weekend team?
  10. So RONR with another DJ is live then? When is the going home song recorded the day before or earlier in the day? Never knew any of this Scott certainly seems to be able to time everything just right does that come with years of practice
  11. So in effect scott was demoted in 2012 if you like and greg and Grimmy put in better slots as such
  12. I have always thought breakfast prep would be done post show So RONR is pre recorded? Sounds live to me wow never knew that
  13. Posted on another forum as well, hoping someone can answer Okay, so conversation ongoing about cover DJ's so I have a question for the experts. A. how do you decide who to use as cover. B. how does the hireachary work for instance at R1 Scott always moves to Breakfast and the "cover" as such is brought into his slot, where as drive the cover comes directly into it C. Would someone like Coxy or Mills have in as part of their contract "for x amount of weeks per your you will cover the breakfast slot" Just interested in these geeky facts And also How soon before a show does the DJ arrive - do they need to do a lot of prep on the day, because someone like Adele would have to be there at 1am to get her show ready Sorry to be a geek but love these facts
  14. It's probably a one off, to save Matt doing 16 days on the trot, as things are he did his regular slot this weekend, followed by five of Scotts this week Suspect he will not be driving the desk, just talking into the microphone, with someone else driving What would have been better would be for Scott to have done Matts middle weekend maybe, or someone like Greg James, Clara or Adele make a rare weekend appearance Assume 1st choice failing those would have been Fearne Cotton or Sara Cox, as a stand in with previous R1 experience, maybe to cover Matts shows, but shes doing Ken Bruce's slot on R2, and Coxy is covering for Evans for two weeks One last Idea, my Rylan avoidance scheme would be to extend Dev by 90 mins - until 1130 and start Alice at 1130 to plug the gap, or add an hour to Dev until 11 get Alice to do 11-3 and Danny 3-7 something along those lines In the good old days of Moyles he would have covered those slots at the weekend had they been going, am I right in saying he did his own breakfast show one day and then the 1-4 show on same day?
  15. No TBH, but whatever it was, WTF are people like, they did 24 F***ing hours on radio for homeless people in the UK yes the UK, give them a break... I would be so hurt if I was him - Scott if you're reading, and I know you do - or at least see the Tweets from this site, then you have MY FULL support in this, and everyone else.
  16. This is absolutely disgusting, Scott and Chris were doing this for charity. He would never cause offence to anyone, and deserves a medal for his efforts. I would like to see his accusers.
  17. Reminder Scott on Breakfast all next week and Matt on Scotts show WHOOOOOOOOOO
  18. Just a reminder, Scott and Chris covering Grimmy next week and Matt covering Scotts show - would rather Alice but hey
  19. It's strange hes not heavily involved this year, seems to all being promoted by Grimmy also noticed that Scott covering breakfast for a week after next
  20. Just taking over at R2 now, and looks like were in for a good show as hes promised some "friends" he and Sara know, question is will Mr Moyles show? maybe Greg? maybe some other R1 faces
  21. He's in the building and sounds like Jo Whiley will be talking to him for a handover as Sara Cox is on her break
  22. I would hope for him on breakfaston R2 or Ken Bruce's slot
  23. Noted that Dev covering drive this week Scott and Tony Blackburn doing a conference in Amsterdam Monday representing 50yrs of R1
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