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  1. I just remembered that I used to go on this site a lot, 2/3 years ago maybe, and since then, Chris Moyles has returned to the radio, on a rebranded version of XFM, Radio X. When the show launched in September 2015, Chris got together with Sandy Beech, the head of Music4, the company that produced his Radio 1 Imaging for many years, to create a new audio imaging package for the show. This has never appeared online in a clean form, would anyone be able to send me this? Here's an example of what I'm on about: 


  2. 14 hours ago, DC said:

    Scott Mills: Thursday 8th November 2007, 9 years ago this year. My god, seems like yesterday.:-



    It'd take me an age to upload everything I have, over 70GB in shows. But I can get away with a one off like this. That for example at 170MB took me the best part of 35 minutes.


    I find it amazing Radio 1 play Led Zeppelin on here, and of course Zane goes on to play an entire album. There were things about Radio 1 that were hit and miss for me in the mid 2000's, but there'd be no chance of something like this happening today.

    Thanks! How about sticking anything worth uploading on a usb stick or sd card and posting it to one of us (whooooooo!) to upload it for you?

  3. Bingo is back and to celebrate Mills will play it every day this week!  I noticed a 360 camera during today's game, so get ready for VR Bingo, that is if they upload it. I also get the feeling that bingo was recorded 'as-live' as the video feed went black instead of cutting to the stay tuned screen. 

  4. Anyone got any predictions for this year?

    Greg's just announced a live official chart on Xmas Day, so that rules him out for breakfast on Xmas morning.

    I think we'll see something like this:

    Monday 19th Dec - Thursday 24th Dec

    6:30am: Scott Mills

    10am: Clara Amfo

    1pm: Matt Edmondson

    4pm: Greg James

    Christmas Day

    6:30am: Scott Mills

    10am: Live Lounge Highlights

    1pm: Big Weekend Highlights

    4pm: Official Chart

  5. I think that by August 2017, 2 years into the future, Grimmy will have left the breakfast show, to be replaced by Greg.

    Matt Edmondson will get drivetime, and Scott gets Sat/Sun 10-1pm (Plus Radio 2 Cover Shows). The 1-4pm show will be hosted by Grimmy.

    Clara Amfo leaves Radio 1, Mid-Mornings will be hosted by some new student talent.

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