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  1. So, with the RAJAR figures this week being down, and the recent changes in the line up over the past year, what is everyone's opinion of each individual show? I know that now the actual listening figure isn't as important, just the age of those that are listening, but even the number of 15-24's was down. I've gone through each show and added my opinion of each. I've just done the main weekday and weekend line-up. We know that Radio 1 bosses do look at these forums, so why not add your opinion of each show on the current line-up. WEEKDAYS Dev: I do like Dev, and I think he is a decent DJ. I was hoping that surely by now he would have seen some sort of promotion. I do wonder whether they plan to move Dev to 1Xtra where he used to be, perhaps a replacement for Trevor Nelson when if he leaves? He definitely deserves to be moved from Early Breakfast to another show. Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw: The show has definitely improved since it first started. Now more chats between the team, but I've still not warmed to it. There just doesn't seem to be any excitement to the show. Way too much talk regarding One Direction, Justin Bieber etc. It needs to be more of a team-style show for breakfast. It just sounds very average, as though it could be any breakfast show on any station. I was a huge fan on The Chris Moyles Show, but perhaps a change was needed after 8 1/2 years, I just don't think this was it though. Moyles used to talk about things that we could all relate to, and it was funny and engaging. I think moving Grimmy straight from the night time show to daytime was a mistake. Perhaps Greg with a proper team would have been better? If I ever missed Moyles in the morning, I would go and catch-up on iPlayer. If I even miss a few weeks of Grimmy, I can't say I'm that bothered, Sara Cox (covering Fearne): Love listening to Sara! Great broadcaster! But, I have a feeling that once Fearne returns, Sara will make the move to Radio 2 for good. Much prefer Sara to Fearne. Will be a shame when she leaves for good. :cry: Scott Mills: Still loving listening to Scott with Chris, although I don't think the show is as good as it used to be, particularly since Beccy left. Will never be as good as the days of Chappers and Laura, but it is still by far the best show at Radio 1. By what Scott has been saying though in interviews, I think there's only probably a couple of years left of him at Radio 1. :cry: Greg James: I have always liked Greg. You could always tell, unlike some of the new DJ's, that radio has always been his passion and that was all he ever wanted to do. However, I think his drivetime show can be lacking sometimes. It just isn't very exciting. The best bits are usually his chats with Laura, but these are very limited, and with Laura leaving on maternity soon, I can see the show suffering. I think that a team-style show is needed for breakfast and drivetime. Give Greg a really good team, like Scott used to have, and I think it could improve considerably, as at the moment, it is slightly dull. Zane Lowe: Still as good as ever. His show has been consistently good. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to music, has a real passion for it, and he's a great broadcaster - a real asset to Radio 1. Hopefully, he can avoid the cull of older DJ's and stay with the station for much longer. Radio 1 would be mad to get rid of him or move him to a different slot. Phil Taggart & Alice Levine: Out of all the new shows, this is the one that has surprised me the most. I wasn't sure about Alice at first, but she's become a radio natural. It's been great hearing both of them cover for other people recently, and I can see them doing really well. They've got a good show with good music and great features. I know it has been mentioned on here about Alice taking over Fearne's slot in the future. I'm guessing the original idea would be to replace Fearne with Gemma or Jameela, but Alice would be a better option. Overall, I like these two. They've got a really good show here. WEEKENDS Gemma Cairney: I've kind of stopped listening to weekend breakfast now. I've not warmed to Gemma at all, whereas I used to love listening to Edith in the mornings. Definitely a bad decision to swap Edith with Gemma. The Matt Edmondson Show: Out of all the ex-T4 presenters, he is definitely the best by far. A fun show that reminds me a bit of Scott's. Possibly a contender to replace Scott in two years? Maybe Matt with Chris in the afternoons? This show is definitely a gem in a rather average weekend line-up. Huw Stevens: I don't mind Huw, but I definitely think he is suited for a specialist show more. Also, don't always use Huw for cover, there are other DJ's that deserve a chance! I don't love Huw's show, but I don't dislike it either. I'll listen, but I'm not that bothered if I miss it. Dance Anthems with Danny Howard: Danny has definitely improved and has settled into Radio 1 now. I like the fact also that he has started at Radio 1 by winning the DJ competition. He's not brilliant, but given time, I think he could be good. Chart Show with Jameela Jamil: I haven't really warmed to Jameela on the chart show yet. I think she's OK, but she's not a great radio broadcaster. There was definitely better options out there for the chart show when Reggie left. Overall, I think the show isn't as good as when Reggie did it. Dan & Phil: Not for me. I am all for visualising Radio 1 more, but radio should still fundamentally come first, whereas with their show it doesn't. I get the feeling they were hired by Radio 1 as they were thought of as 'cool' by a younger, mainly female audience. But, they're not radio people. I was surprised when they won a Sony this week, but I think that's more down to the subscribers of their videos voting online. Overall, when you compare Radio 1 to what it was five years ago, the line up really has gone down hill. The personality and excitement that Radio 1 had that said it apart from other stations has completely gone. I'm 20, so in the target age group, but they just don't appeal to me anymore. Also, I think the fascination of Radio 1 bosses to get rid of team-style shows needs to go. In the end, with a team-style show, you can get more involved in the show, and they're usually a lot funnier and interesting to listen to. The weekday line-up has a mixture of the very good (Sara and Scott), and the average/below average, but I think Grimmy and Greg could both have much better shows if they had a zoo format. And weekends, well they're rather dull, with only Matt's show being the highlight. What's your opinion on each show? Be interesting to see if opinions between people seem to mirror each other.
  2. Doesn't Scott's contract end in two years? I wonder if Ben has already decided then what will happen with Scott at the end of this two year plan? I'm really not surprised by the large drop in audience figures. I was talking yesterday with my mates, and we're all a mixture of casual Radio 1 listeners and those of us that have listened religiously since around 2005, and we all agreed that the station doesn't appeal to us anymore - instead just 15 year old girls. Radio 1 just doesn't have the same excitement as it used to do; it's trying too hard now to be cool by appointing new DJ's who they perceive as being 'cool' to teenagers. And we're all aged 20/21, so if we feel alienated by the station, then it's no surprise to me that many in the 25-34 category have gone too.
  3. Good post here, with info on the age groups: http://www.mattdeegan.com/2013/05/15/nick-grimshaws-q12013-rajar-performance/ Market share of 15-24 has actually gone down 21.5% to 20.2% compared to last year, 25-34 has seen a big hit 19.4% to 15.7%. Not surprised about the 25-34 category as they've certainly alienated this age group.
  4. I have to say I'm not surprised and I can't see it getting better anytime soon. But, I suppose its about the age of the listeners and not the listening figures, but I'm in the age range and I just don't feel the station is appealing to me anymore. The Guardian has a good piece on it: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2013/may/16/nick-grimshaw-chris-moyles-bbc-radio-1 Radio 4 are now getting more listeners than Radio 1, and they're the lowest breakfast show figures since 2003, when Sara was replaced by Moyles.
  5. Scott's doing Eurovision but Sara isn't. She announced on her show a couple of months back that she's been replaced by Ana Matronic off of Scissor Sisters. Whether they said she couldn't do it as it would mean both her and Scott doing the same project and missing their daytime slots I don't know?
  6. Completely agree with the list of DJs. Phil & Alice I think are really good! I agree with Nick on breakfast, I'm still unsure. He's much better than he was and the show itself is definitely turning more into a team style show again, but it still isn't a patch on Moyles. I would have put Greg on breakfast with a team style show, moved Grimmy to Gregs old afternoon slot for the time being, then let Scott complete his contract at Radio 1 on drive time. Then, when that was over, put Grimmy on drive time and Matt Edmondson on afternoons. I think moving Grimmy from late nights straight to breakfast was a mistake, and that they should have eased him in first with the afternoon slot. I think Greg would have suited breakfast more. And everyone kind of expected him to get breakfast once Moyles had left. Anyway, completely gone off topic...
  7. I have to say I haven't really warmed to Jameela yet on the Chart Show. I just don't think she is a good radio presenter. I thought she was ok on the request show, but was quite surprised with her promotion so quickly! But I think this is the way Radio 1 is now going. I'm all for visualising Radio 1 more, and I used to love it when they used to visualise The Chris Moyles Show for a whole week sometimes, but I think that radio should still come first. With the Chart Show and Dan & Phil's show, it seems the visualised content comes first, then radio afterwards. I do get the feeling at the moment Radio 1 is trying to latch on to things that are supposedly cool: one direction, Dan & Phil etc. But I think Radio 1 are trying too hard to be cool. It's just not the same Radio 1 anymore. Even though I'm well in the target age group, I don't think they're appealing to me anymore, instead just 13 year old girls. Whatever happened to employing passionate radio people? I remember when Greg James started and you could tell how radio was the only thing he ever wanted to do, and how enthusiastic he was. You just don't seem to get that with any of the new signings anymore. Hopefully they might sign someone new from student radio soon. With Moyles gone, Sara probably leaving when Fearne comes back and Scott probably leaving in two years when his contract ends, Radio 1 really is a shadow of its former self.
  8. I wonder what will happen to Chris when Scott leaves? I doubt he would move to Radio 2 with Scott (if that is what happens). I think that it will either be Matt or Huw that will take the afternoon slot, hoping Matt myself. Matt and Chris together would be a really good combination!
  9. Do you mean the main Radio 1 playlist? That's here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/playlist/ Or, if you mean the exact songs played on each show, go on to the separate DJ pages, and click on Episodes, and choose the show you want. If you want the latest episode, just click the main image on the DJ homepage. There you'll find a list of all the music played on that particular show. e.g. Here is Scott's from today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rkypp Hope that helps! And yes, the DJ pages aren't as good as they used to be. Content now seems to be lacking.
  10. Yes finally! I've been waiting for Scott to cover breakfast for a while, it seems a long time ago since he last did it. No Beccy though this time.
  11. Did anyone hear him this morning? I listened for a bit, heard him do the news, but that was it. My first time listening to Capital Breakfast, and I think the last. Got annoyed by adverts, the music was just the current top 40 (made me realise that actually Radio 1's Playlist is pretty decent and varied!), and it felt like Dave and Lisa were just reading from a script. I was hoping to hear more of Dom, so don't know if he was introduced more into the show for the rest of it, but got bored listening before I might have got that far. Anyone listen to the whole thing?
  12. This article says he is reading the news: http://www.imediamonkey.com/2013/03/08/dominic-byrne-joins-capital-breakfast/ Whether he will have a more on-air role than what Tina does now I'm not sure, I hope so though. Loved him on The Chris Moyles Show.
  13. I think Chris Sawyer has replaced Beccy, but I'm unsure on who has replaced Emlyn. He has gone onto create a new independent production company called Banana Stand Productions.
  14. I do like Huw, but I agree that he is more suited to the specialist night time shows than daytime. I'd also like to see more variety in cover presenters. Dev I think should definitely do some daytime cover. He's really good on Early Breakfast and it's a shame he hasn't been given a better slot yet. Maybe Phil & Alice should do some daytime cover. They've been sounding really good in the evening.
  15. Anybody listen to this? I thought Beccy spoke about it in a very honest and frank way, the last year must have been very hard for her. Was also great to hear her back on the Radio.
  16. Anybody used the map yet? It's brilliant! They've done it on Google Maps so it looks exactly like Street View. Well done Radio 1 for this!
  17. Has Laura left now? I noticed Pippa is being called producer now on Greg's show, with a new assistant producer Travis.
  18. HeadCam has been brilliant today! I wish they could have done this for the whole AAA month.
  19. Were these all near the beginning of the day? I know when I listened to Aled's the sound was really really quiet, I could hardly hear him. Whether this is why their videos haven't been uploaded, as I would have thought Grimmy's would have definitely been put on.
  20. Just seen a tweet from someone to Laura 'Laura well done for getting up the duff' @Nibsy_A She's replied saying 'Thanks Nabil! X' Laura hasn't actually made a statement saying she actually is pregnant, but from this tweet it would seem she is. If she is then many congratulations to her!
  21. I guess so, although his interview seemed short compared to others. Hoping they put Aled's up as sound was really low at the beginning and I couldn't hear a lot of what he said. Been trying to watch Ben Cooper's interview, but still saying not available.
  22. Looking forward to the return of Head Cam! I'm guessing this time it won't be on TOTDS' head. Also, noticed that its going to be Greg live from the Brits this year. Used to like Scott's show live from backstage.
  23. BlueSkies

    Q4 RAJAR

    Number of 15 to 24 year olds listening to Radio 1 increased from 3.27 to 3.43m. Breakfast show added nearly a quarter of a million 15-24 year olds. I suppose the results are what Radio 1 wanted, increasing younger listeners.
  24. BlueSkies

    Q4 RAJAR

    So Grimmy is getting 6.69m, down from 6.73 last quarter and 7.24 year before.Overall, Radio 1 are down to 11.09m, down from 11.2 last quarter and 11.67 last year.To be honest, I thought it would be much worse. A decrease was I suppose expected after Moyles leaving, but I actually thought it might have had an even larger effect.
  25. Looks like it could be Derry. BBC have applied for a license for an outdoor music event in Ebrington Square from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 May. Sounds like it will be here.
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