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  1. Chappers was back on the show today! Didn't get chance to listen but will listen back soon. Will be good to hear him and Scott back together again. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b043kj9m
  2. I hope so. I know he still has a contract till next year. At the time it was renewed, I wasn't sure he would renew it again, but the show is sounding so good currently. If Scott did go, I can see the listening figures going down quite significantly. I know it's all about age these days, but I still think Scott appeals to the wanted demographic better than most shows.
  3. I would also like to see a new news jingle. The current one is sounding very stale, and was never as good as previous when it began. I've been listening to some old Chris Moyles shows recently, and the 'Digital, FM, Online' one was far superior.
  4. Q1 2014 Radio 1: 10.53 m Breakfast: 5.85 m Quite considerable losses for both compared to last quarter. Although, on the BBC press release they are now also adding figures for aged 10+ for Radio 1. Those figures are 11.48 m and 6.63 m, but hard to compare these figures with others as they don't usually quote them in 10+, instead 15+. They're keen to point out though that Grimmy's losses are mainly from the 25+ category. Radio 2's figures on the other hand are quite astonishing. Record breaking figures for them. Looks like even more evidence to me of people being pushed out of Radio 1 to Radio 2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2014/rajar-q1-2014
  5. I can't see there being a huge difference this quarter from last. We'll see in a bit...
  6. Last year: Radio 1: 10.26, Breakfast: 5.78 Last quarter: Radio 1: 10.97, Breakfast: 6.29 I think they'll probably hold from last quarter, maybe just a slight decrease on breakfast from last quarter, which saw a 700,000 increase then. I'd predict, Radio 1: 10.95 and Breakfast: 6.26.
  7. Loved hearing Alice again on daytime! She really is a great, natural broadcaster. I like Fearne, but I do think her show is starting to sound very samey. I think it might be coming now to its natural end. How long has she done mid-morning's for now? 7 years? I wouldn't be surprised if by September Alice replaces Fearne full time. She is perfect for that slot - intelligent, witty and has a real passion for music. If Alice did replace Fearne, it would also give Phil Taggart a time to establish himself more on his own, and I wouldn't be surprised if, when Zane Lowe decided to leave, he could replace him. Would much rather Phil replace Zane then Huw, and at the moment, I can't think of anyone else but Huw or Phil to be Zane's natural successor.
  8. I hope that would be the case! IMO the zoo format shows have always been the better ones. I wish they would go back to these style shows.
  9. I would guess he would just do a swap with Tina, with Tina moving to afternoon bulletins. If Greg did get breakfast I would hope Chris would get a proper role on the show like Dom did, but with Tina at the moment not even in the studio for any part of Grimmy's show, perhaps he wouldn't.
  10. Breakfast has been really good the past couple of weeks. A shame it finishes tomorrow Its become more apparent this week that Scott's show is sounding so good at the moment, much better than the usual breakfast show. In fact, Radio 1 in general has been good on daytime this week. Matt has been great filling in for Scott! Scott on breakfast, Alice mid morning (think Fearne's show starting to sound a bit samey), Matt on afternoons and Greg on drive time would be a really good daytime lineup IMO, but will never happen though.
  11. Agree regarding Chris Smith. The best bits of Greg's show is definitely the parts with Chris.
  12. Does anyone else think that the weekend line-up may see some changes soon? With it currently being an all male line-up, I would think they would be keen to put a female into the line-up soon. If so, anyone have any ideas who or which slot? Wouldn't mind seeing Adele Roberts getting a permanent slot. Or maybe even move Fearne over from daytime (let Alice replace her) as she doesn't seem to be doing her show much lately.
  13. I agree with you. When his contract was last renewed, I thought that would probably be the last after the move from drivetime, but the show is sounding brilliant recently. I think the permanent addition of Chris was a great move, as I think he has helped make the show sound younger. Hopefully it will be another 3 year extension next year for afternoons.
  14. Alice, Adele and Pete Allison I really like, and I'm hoping get more slots soon. Then, the other extreme, Gemma and Jameela are terrible. Still hoping for Adele and Pete to get permanent slots on the station soon.
  15. A Saturday to definitely avoid then! Only good thing about the weekend line-up is Matt.
  16. I had a feeling Laura might have left for good. A shame as I always liked her on air, but Pippa is definitely a good replacement.
  17. Completely agree with your suggestions. Definitely Alice Levine on mid-mornings. She has really surprised me just how good she is. An excellent presenter who knows her music, and she also comes across as very likeable. She couldn't be more suitable for that slot. Matt Edmondson I can see maybe doing drivetime, and Dev having the afternoon slot, as I think if Grimmy loses breakfast, I don't think he will stick around at Radio 1. But definitely Greg doing breakfast! He is much more suitable, so is the rest of his team. On the subject of Laura, is she returning to Radio 1 after having her baby? As Pippa has now taken over as producer. If Greg was to move to breakfast, an additional producer and his current team would be needed, which would work out perfect for Laura's return. The Greg James Show with Pippa and Laura as day/show producer (or whichever way round), AP as Travis and Chris Smith as newsreader with a zoo style format would be perfect for breakfast.
  18. Scott won't get breakfast now. I think he'll remain in the afternoon slot, hopefully with a contract renewal to keep him there for another few years. In terms of Grimmy, the show has definitely improved, but for the flagship Radio 1 show, it is still seriously lacking. Either a change in production is needed, or a swap of Grimmy and Greg. I think the latter could happen sometime this year, depending on how RAJAR's go. I used to like Fincham on Moyles' show, but I think it was a bit of a mistake to move him to breakfast producer so quickly! To go from AP on breakfast to producer of the 22:00 slot to producer of breakfast in the space of a few months was too much of a change too quickly, especially considering he was going to be the producer of a brand new breakfast show. I like Matt, but I think Radio 1 have made a mistake of promoting him too quickly, and perhaps he would have been better to going to be the producer of a different daytime show first. I still think that Greg's team would be more suitable on breakfast. They seem to be more of a 'team'. Perhaps they're waiting for Greg to be completely 'ready' for breakfast before they move him. Like you say, there does seem to be a similar pattern of Moyles' Radio 1 career and Greg's. Is Nick going to be on breakfast for around 3 years then like Sara before a swap? We'll see. I do agree though that a better production team with clearer roles, and a second presenter (Annie would be perfect - their evening show used to be really good!) would improve things a lot. At least Radio 1 have finally realised that listening to a team having banter between themselves on breakfast is more what people want to hear, although more of a team feel needs to be implemented.
  19. Or perhaps give Gemma the early breakfast for a bit while they let Pete establish himself more, and then give Pete early breakfast?
  20. Will be good to hear Alice on her own again, shame it's not the 10 am slot in the week. Looking forward to hearing Pete again in for Dev. Why he isn't replacing Dev on early breakfast I will never know. Gemma over Pete, really?? Come on Radio 1, give Pete a permanent contract.
  21. If anyone took over breakfast, it will probably be Greg. Would make more sense to put the current, second most popular time slot presenter on breakfast, then replace Greg with Dev or Matt. Although, like you say, with Grimmy's improving RAJAR's, perhaps this scenario won't happen for a few more years.
  22. A considerable increase then from last quarter for Grimmy, but still down compared to last year.
  23. Nothing to do with the RAJAR's being sent through to the station I wonder... Probably not.
  24. I think that will probably be the line-up in two/three years time. Although, I think Matt will probably get drivetime and Dev in the afternoon slot. Also, I think Fearne or Scott will get the weekend breakfast slot, and then, as you say, Alice takes over Fearne on 10-1. Would love Scott to renew his contract, but judging by what he has said previously, it would seem he might already have made up his mind. Grimmy, I don't really know. I think if he is kicked off the breakfast slot, he might leave Radio 1 altogether. But, with them visualising the chart more and almost turning it into a TV show in itself, perhaps Grimmy would be good doing this? I also think that we might be seeing Greg on breakfast sometime soon. Probably either September or, if the RAJAR's are bad this week, even sooner. The Greg James Show for breakfast with a proper team-style show again (Greg, Pippa, Laura (is she returning?), Chris Smith (in the studio, not a box on the other side of the station), Travis) would be really good! I still wonder whether the plan has always been to put Grimmy on breakfast just to absorb the loss of listeners from Moyles' departure and get the listener age down considerably, then replace him with Greg in a couple of years. Perhaps we will see over this year. 2016 (ish) 04:00 Pete Allison 06:30 The Greg James Show 10:00 Alice Levine 13:00 Dev 16:00 The Matt Edmondson Show 19:00 Zane Lowe (think he will still remain) 22:00 Phil Taggart Weekend: 07:00 Scott Mills 10:00 Fearne Cotton 13:00 Someone New 16:00 Dance Anthems with Danny Howard / Official Chart with Nick Grimshaw
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