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  1. Oh God. At blinking last - my life finally has purpose again.
  2. (Ok, perhaps the above would have been suitable for a 'What potentially rocks in your life?' thread, but I'll report back on Sunday and let y'all know if it rocked or not!)
  3. I've never done 'big' birthdays, always small things with a couple of close friends as I've been certain nobody would turn up. This year I bit the bullet, and tomorrow I'm doing a big old 'get together somewhere and drink lots of drinky things' birthday and 48 people have said they'll come. Even if only half that number turn up I'll be well chuffed
  4. Argh except he totally just sailed right past this one without saying anything! It's ok though, I'll make my peace with it. One day. Until then, I'll sit here in my dark room, on a Friday night, rocking back and forth on a chair in front of a computer, plotting ways in which to concoct a suitab- ooh! Look! A video of a cat being wrapped up! Ok, I'm totally over Dear Scott.
  5. Meh, I wouldn't ever send anything in for the hell of it. If I did that I'd be sending in e-mails every day! 4 over 6 months isn't very many...perhaps thats my problem
  6. Yeah, no, I'll admit that my first few e-mails were lame...like...actually lame. But then I'd only been listening to the show for a few weeks. The last one though - the innuendo bingo - wasn't that bad, was it? I thought the fact that the words had come out of his own mouth would make it that much more humorous. Anyway...perhaps I should have hung around a bit more before posting. I'm really not somebody who joined just so I could find out how to get onto the show...I don't want to get a reputation! I just thought I'd ask as you lot would probably know better than anybody else!
  7. Oh don't worry...it wasn't all in one go! This 4 emails between July and now!
  8. Actually, as a sort of aside: When I sent in my first e-mail, I got the auto-reply telling me he couldn't reply to all e-mails. My subsequent didn't even get an auto-reply :/ I've sent in an innuendo bingo clip, a request for the PR4L to read out the lyrics of a song that *sounds* like it says 'watch me while I take a pee', a photo of a sign in IKEA that says 'We aim to give you the Air Hostess service!' in their cafe (Could be competition for their air plane food restaurant!), a clip of Beccy being VERY silly, and all sorts of nonsense... It's not even that I'm desperate to get on...it's just that some of the stuff really would have been good material. It probably didn't help that I sent my innuendo bingo clip in the last week Scott was on. Beccy wasn't even around on Thursday, and now he's in Australia. Ho hum...I won't give up!
  9. Hello! At the risk of being shoved against the lockers by the older folk for being such a stupid newbie, I thought I'd ask a question about Dear Scott: Is it actually a lot harder to get on it than Scott and Beccy make out? I've sent in some real zingers if I may say so myself...but nadda! What's a guy gotta do to get his e-mail read out? For example, I sent in the attached clip for some innuendo bingo...I really thought it'd get on! Am I just being naive? Should I persevere? Shall I just go and sit in the corner and think about what I've done? :arrow: scottsinuendo.mp3
  10. Mushrooms: Great pizza topping or harbinger of horrible, screaming, hallucinating death? A little bit of both, I think.
  11. Right. It's going to be a mushroom. With a smiley face. Odd? Yeah! Deal with it!
  12. Heh...thanks! Right...I'm going to go and find an avatar.
  13. Oh! Wow...only been a member for 4 hours and already nominated in a category that isn't for newcomers? I'm truly honoured and humbled. Of course, once you all get to know me you'll realise that I should have been nominated for all the other categories too...but, y'know, I'll let you off....this year. Seriously though, cheers m'dears! I'd return the favour but I don't know any of you :/
  14. Woop and such! Right, who are the cool kids? I'll befriend them by doing their homework and earn protection!
  15. Hi kids I'm new...please don't take my lunch money off me, k?
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