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  1. Your avatar is disturbing.

  2. There are a few here that are Chris fans but they don't post on any other forums.

  3. Heh, I think so, the others know about CM.net but don't post there.

  4. I'm glad you joined UM as well. Welcome!

  5. Hi there, you're cool. Just wanted to say that. :)

  6. Welcome to the site!

  7. Welcome to the forums!

  8. R94N

    Welcome to the forums! How are you? :)

  9. Glad I could be of help :) I often end up helping people out with tech-related stuff :D

  10. Are you okay with my responses to your laptop plea? Let me know if you have any more questions! :D

  11. Welcome to the forums :) I hope you'll stick around and maybe post as well.

  12. Welcome to Unofficial Mills, ! Aabia ! :)

  13. Welcome to Unofficial Mills!

  14. Happy birthday!

  15. Happy birthday, even if's it's a little late....

  16. My brother was like 'ommmmmmm' when he saw your profile picture (the edith one) ;)

  17. Welcome to Unofficial Mills! :)

  18. Lol, normally I never see anyone else from near where I live on the internet.

  19. Someone else from Leicestershire on the same site as me? That's a rare sight :D

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