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  1. Long overdue. But Sounds of the 80s? Hopefully it's not the same guff played on the other stations day in, day out *cough* Heart *cough*. Sara would probably be better suited to doing the 90s.
  2. Does anyone still watch this crap? It's becoming more like 'I [was] a Celebrity, let me have my 15 mins of fame and get me the hell outta here...' Much preferred Survivor when it was on ITV. Shame the British public and the network didn't give it a chance.
  3. Lemonade

    The Miners!!

    Aye and with Liverpool in crisis (court case, etc), this has been a really ironic day. Because of Thatcher's stance on centralisation and rift with the city's militant tendency = created poor working conditions, unemployment, riots, the lot...
  4. Lemonade

    I have never...

    I have never played Chopsticks on a piano.
  5. Lemonade

    I have never...

    I have never said "G'day" to a Australian nor "Sheila" to a lady one.
  6. Lemonade

    I have never...

    ...fully got into Lost. I did watch the first two seasons but after it's move on Sky One and the fact that they were still on the island for that long, it was becoming a complete turn off.
  7. Did anyone have a peep at last night's first live finals? Looked like Cheryl had a teeny overdose of fake tan and surprise-surprise praised the performances of Cher and Katie, who were just average, IMO.
  8. Exactly. It's not 'The Best Singer' Factor, nor 'Nice' Factor.
  9. Apparently the "big twist" revealed at the end of last night's show will see four wild card entries from each group. Gamu has to be a shoe-in for the girls.
  10. Heard some of the season premiere covers via. YouTube and from what I gather the episode has been getting positive feedback. Empire State of Mind is currently #2 on the US iTunes and five of the songs currently are in the top ten. Frightening. I only completed the first season two weeks ago only because I was watching it at a rate of 4-5 episodes per day. Sad, I know. :| I think finishing off the season would be better simply because the show is a continous plot. Having said that, it is very easy to get into (the show's storylines, structure, etc).
  11. This doesn't get any easier for Blackpool. The next away game at London will be at Stamford Bridge. :shock:
  12. Of all the days to put Chamakh as captain instead of Gareth Bale. :x EDIT: Oh wait, Diaby scores. Faith is restored.
  13. Dear lord. :hahaha: Richard Desmond really should use that as the Daily Star's new slogan. That or "We are just like The Sun, more cr*p, nudity and 10p less".
  14. Since Lorraine decided to pack up and go on holiday for a few weeks. She's becoming the new Myleene Klass for a month or so; has a show on Heart, presents the Channel Five "Last Choir Standing/Glee" merged reality programme on Sunday and now this. If that was Emma asking all the questions, imagine if Ellie was on the show two weeks ago when Fiona was hosting. :shock:
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