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  1. Unfortunately not D:

  2. VIV! I'm backk! :) How have you been?

  3. Heyyy. I'm gooood. Not been on in a while D: I'm back now though :) How are you?

  4. No don't do that!!! I kinda love him/fancy him too :oops:
  5. Scott announcing UK's scores for Eurovision: scott.mp3
  6. I know. But the fact I had a dream about them being together...it was kinda scary
  7. Ha. I don't know why I said that lol
  8. Ever thought he might of actually lost his voice? He did have a massive weekend, and knowing him he would have been shouting at the top of his voice.
  9. Paramore and You Me At Six really excelled! I'm sorry but the audience went wild, especially [email protected]
  10. I know right. Scott is doing an interview with Rhianna. I'm happy now
  11. Oh Baby. PR4L and Dimbledy, now that's a celebrity couple if ever there was one.
  12. It's been done before I think. And I don't knowww! I would pay to hear Dimbledy play abit of Rolldeep and Paramore :L
  13. Yeahhh. As long as it's someone good yeahh.
  14. Yeah they may have a tight schedule to clear away. Greg and Neil were joking about staying on until midnight. :L
  15. Fearne was live in Bangor this morning. She wasn't in London.
  16. He's meant to be. But Greg just said he's stuck in Bangor. So we don't know what's going to happen, whether or not Greg will cover or they will do an outside broadcast. They may still have the equipment in Bangor
  17. It seems as though Vernon Kay may be stuck in Bangor. So could this mean Greg James in for Vernon in for Scott. I do like Greg, I think I'd prefer him to Vernon, so I am kind of hoping they have dismantled the Bangor studio so he can't do an outside broadcast.
  18. Who should I watch at the big weekend website?
  19. How do you know? Gave them a bit of a feel? lol
  20. So is this Scott, or Hugh, or both? lol! Scott in 25 years?
  21. Scott smokes... Oh My Days. What's he like? Boffing Ke$ha, binging on Pinot Grizo and now SMOKING? TUT TUT Scott.
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