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  1. Unfortunately not D:

  2. Fine, thanx!! Hope u are well!! U should stick around more often!!


  3. I'm not too bad thanks. Got my usual Sunday night headache though :\

    Have you been away for the summer then?

  4. VIV! I'm backk! :) How have you been?

  5. Heyyy. I'm gooood. Not been on in a while D: I'm back now though :) How are you?

  6. Hi Niall! :) How are you?

  7. Yes, that's why many people get banned from our local libraries!!!!

  8. No don't do that!!! I kinda love him/fancy him too :oops:
  9. Scott announcing UK's scores for Eurovision: scott.mp3
  10. Maybe cos the Scott Mills The Musical stuff was over !!

  11. I know. But the fact I had a dream about them being together...it was kinda scary
  12. Ha. I don't know why I said that lol
  13. Ever thought he might of actually lost his voice? He did have a massive weekend, and knowing him he would have been shouting at the top of his voice.
  14. Paramore and You Me At Six really excelled! I'm sorry but the audience went wild, especially [email protected]
  15. I know right. Scott is doing an interview with Rhianna. I'm happy now
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