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  1. zuggler

    iPod Apps

    Should we start a special 12 days of xmas thread? Coz we've gone off on a bit of a tangent...
  2. zuggler

    iPod Apps

    I can download as much as I like from midnight to 5am so I downloaded both last night at midnight as I was celebrating new year.
  3. zuggler

    iPod Apps

    :L:L I am watching it now
  4. I bet we'll found out Lady Gaga's gender-martian.
  5. Hear'say!!!! Shaggy!!!! What top 10 is this? Is it the top 10 sales bought by people with an IQ of under 30???
  6. zuggler

    iPod Apps

    Same! I thought it was like maybe a short clip or something. But a whole film which I've never seen!
  7. Ermm this may sound thick, but what's a bed other than the furniture?
  8. :/ I was going to apply, but got sidetracked after a friend-fallout. Now I'm glad I didn't apply.
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