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  1. I love the way on a jingle thread on unofficial mills you're discussing your timetables!
  2. i think so. you should be more intrested on your school work! when you're old and have a job earning enough money, you can waste your time on jingles
  3. We'll say that the way we got them was NOT illegal!
  4. i don't think that's likely. more on point - i like the new stuff they're doing.
  5. I'm not sure that Puretonic are making the new news stuff
  6. fearne cotton's having more time off than vernon kay....
  7. Hopefully it might be good, maybe they'll have another 'best game' vote this year
  8. it's not on the puretonic website - nor anywhere online. me and newsbeat have it and can't tell you where we got it from. sorry!
  9. there's no way of getting on the site though, its so secure.
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2010/06_june/25/apprentice.shtml here it is, takes a while to find the right page on my iphone
  11. I'm really looking forward to it coming on. Theyve made a much bigger prize for the winner too.
  12. I hope they get them on soon, hopefully. There isn't much left of september now!
  13. noiticed you are trying a trade with 'jimbos'. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING OVER, you never get anything back! Ive waited a month now.

  14. This is annoying, I'm hoping they hurry up.
  15. Here's my beds demo. There's an awful lot of beds on there! But hopefully it's okay. UMDemoBeds-Sep10.mp3
  16. i'm posting a radio 1 beds demo soon....
  17. yeah, well i do think that it sounds ok - and i'm sure ive heard it before on the air. quite a mix of different companies though.
  18. quite like the 'morphine 2' sound though
  19. I just thought after searching around I have a couple of new companies that seem to have made FX packages. If you wondered, i've tracked down quite a lot of companies that Radio 1 have used: Wise Buddah (xGen) http://www.wisebuddah.com/?p=page&id=326&refer=jingles Panthersounds http://www.panthersounds.com/?p=home Onthesly 'Morphine 2' http://www.onthesly.co.uk/onthesly.html Noisefusion custom package http://www.noisefusion.com/portfolio/bbcradio1.htm Noisefusion id_1 http://www.noisefusion.com/id1/about.htm I know one more company I cannot list. What do you think about how the FX package sounds on air?
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