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  1. Ross

    Hello New Members!

    Not really new but not been on in quite a while! So hello to everyone:D
  2. Ross

    Alan Johnston released

    I am glad to hear he is been released poor man!
  3. HAPPY Birthday have a good one
  4. So we have Billi, Carol, Tracy up this week who will go? Charley would have been up but because Billie and her were discussing nominations this week both of thier votes were void and therefore she escaped it this week along with nicky who was also nearly up!
  5. Its been ok here really had rain but not that much
  6. Im not loving big brother this year yet im missing it quite alot but dont feel like im missing alot i watch it when im in though and am going to try to go to one live eviction
  7. Oh i like this song good song at last!
  8. Booo the forums birthday is more important!
  9. Agh rubbish first two songs that i have heard :cry:
  10. I am going to listen to the show today for the first time in aggges:)
  11. Im not loving big brother yet this year :cry: its ok i watch it when im in but i dont feel like im missing alot when im not watching it
  12. Ross

    Body odour

    We have someone at work who is new and he stinks i cant stand next to him and i end up gagging its horrible like he dont even bother to shower!
  13. I have been on and off the forum for nearly two years now as well :shock: doesnt seem that long!
  14. Ross

    It's too hot!

    I hate it being hot when im at work but love it being hot when im out in it ofcourse
  15. Lets just say 'We want to end the show on a high note'
  16. I must say i would have also said B, (if i dint have help)
  17. I did look silly but i won all them prizes which made it all good
  18. I dont actually know they have to contact me or something i wasnt sure if i was going to win all the prizes at first because i only won the prizes that made the final cut but i won all of them which is always good:D
  19. Im just really clever lol was fun watching it back:)
  20. Dont forget to watch me my hair is a mess on it though i heard jo as well i was not sick
  21. I know i cant wait for it i looked like a idiot though never mind But i only win the prizes they show in the final edit so im hoping thats all the good ones!
  22. The friday night project is with Mr chris moyles tonight and i was there while it was getting recorded, not only that chris picked me out to win the prizes at the end. Watch it, very funny and very good for me!
  23. Happy birthday hope you do what we talked about, get bladdered
  24. Ross

    John's Movie Club

    I watched trainspotting again yesterday love that filmand watched cool runnings good film also
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