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  1. I'm sure it'll go away soon. :)

    I would ask my friend how she got rid of her's, but to be honest I think it was a subconscious thing and I doubt she knows herself.

    Blogging is nice on here, it's good to talk about your problems to people who don't have a pre-judgement of you xx

  2. That's alright - keep me up-to-date :) x

  3. Who has the dirtiest sense of humour - Laura or Becky? Elle x
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply, means a lot :)


  5. Thanks a lot Jono. I know you said you didn't really know what to say, but for a male you pretty much said the best thing you could haha. Appreciate it a lot

    Elle x

  6. hey

    Yeah I am :)

    i'm not sure whether this is in response to my tweet from yesterday or just a friendly ponder, but thank you either way :)


  7. Has anybody else noticed Scott's little mention on perezhilton.com? Haha. He's moving up in the world! First 'Hole in the wall', then Oxford student talk evenings, now he's got his name on one of the most-viewed-yet-totally-pointless websites in the world! Good lad, Scott.
  8. my names spelt corectly now

  9. there more than likely are bigger fans than me i like the show and watch or listen to anything Scotts in but i know there are people out there who bigger fans than me i was just stuck for ideas when thinking of a name it basicaly means im his favourite fan not his biggest im going to explain all of this in my youtube video im creating.

  10. Yeah but 'SCOTS NO1 FAN EVA' doesn't even make sense. But anyway.

    I think there are a lot of people that come before you in the fan stakes!!!

  11. I do and did know how to spell his name but just didnt check that id spelt it corectly ive setled for number 2 now anyway i think robs beat me to number one lol

  12. Well ya can't be his #1 fan 'eva' if you don't even know how to spell his name.

  13. I know i have anoyed me when i found out but life gos on

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