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  1. Happy birthday lovely Beccy
  2. I quite like it. It's been a big hit in Sweden over the summer.
  3. I agree that he doesn't have to make a big deal about him being gay. But I still think that if he was straight he would've casually mentioned doing things with his girlfriend and it wouldn't be a big statement about his sexuality. Scott never mentions his partner. But I don't blame him or anything, I blame our heteronormative society
  4. Reading this made me happy! I'm glad everything seems to be working for him. And about him feeling pressured to do something for gay rights: I personally don't think it's his responsibility, but I think it's sad he feels the need "hide" it in fear of being labeled.
  5. Yes, because I like him better than Fearne. But then there wouldn't be any female daytime DJ's and that would be sad. There are already too many male DJ's at Radio 1. I think that is the only negative thing about Greg taking Edith's slot.
  6. I was a bit shocked when I heard this. It'll be great to listen to Greg on afternoons but I'll miss Nihal on weekends. And I don't really know what I think about Fearne. I don't really like her, but maybe she'll be better without Reggie.
  7. I'm getting the same problem It's strange because I was able to watch it when they did the last trial in Janurary.
  8. No someone please clip it. I missed it!
  9. I want Yasmina to win. I don't like Kate any more after what she said about women in the previous episode.
  10. Okay, will do! :hahaha: I just hope I get tickets.
  11. I want ducks and rabbits on my chest :hahaha:
  12. He doesn't believe she's really nine!
  13. Yeah she did the splits and everything. I want to watch the video.
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