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  1. Wise Buddah have quite a lot of their packages on their site but not these sadly.
  2. Ant L

    Chart Day

    For all the radio nerds, Delicious Digital have produced the theme available to listen to here: http://www.deliciousdigital.com/#/our-work/radio/bbc-radio-1/
  3. Ant L

    Chart Day

    I heard a promo for the new chart today with different music. Could just be for the promo but I'm sensing a new theme come Friday.
  4. Ant L

    Chart Day

    It screams Aled to me! They played the old Big Weekend beds when they did that day couple of months ago.
  5. Would this perhaps be the last ever Official Chart on a Sunday? This'll probably be the last time Mills will be hosting the chart too. I always thought it was a shame he didn't get the gig full time, but then 6 days a week would be a bit extreme.
  6. Nerd alert. Pure Jingles have uploaded a new demo, featuring some Where It Begins idents. Most of which I haven't heard on the radio yet. http://bit.ly/1GNueLO
  7. Reminds me of when Danny Howard won that Superstar DJ competition and a few months later got his own show. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00jnc3w
  8. I don't have a problem with Jack and Dean as such, but I agree with the lack of new 'radio' talent. Chris Moyles, Scott Mills, Greg James and even Nick Grimshaw have all had radio at the beginning and heart of their careers. I can see Radio 1's strategy. Hiring YouTubers brings over a young audience, but I worry in the long-term future Gregs and Scotts aren't going to get a chance and we'll be left with people that radio is only a secondary career to them.
  9. Pippa and Travis are leaving Greg's show today too.
  10. I think someone read my post above. Since last week I've heard new IDs, beds and a new opener for the Breakfast Show.
  11. I agree about the imaging. There's so many old voiceovers that creep through on the breakfast show, Mills or not. They obviously didn't make any generic breakfast show imaging when the four new voices came in last year. The beds and opener that Grimmy use still have the old voiceovers too. I know these things are so nerdy but the breakfast show imaging sounds inconsistent with the rest of the station, and that's supposed to be the number one show. Too much of a mish-mash between old and new. Broadly I think the handful of Where It Begins idents are getting repetitive too, and there's pretty much no point in the Pure Jingles idents existing considering it's only really Scott and Dev that use them.
  12. Someone I know got Aqua's Barbie Girl played once.
  13. The Daily Mail are now jumping on Chris Smith With The News regarding the Ask the Leaders' programme with David Cameron. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3051613/Radio-1-accused-leftist-hostility-childish-presenter-offers-Cameron-1-000-bet-not-win-election-repeatedly-interrupts-him.html Chris has been just as gruelling to all the leaders, quite rightly so, but it's the audience that always make these things rather uncomfortable listening on Newsbeat. I didn't listen to the Ed Miliband one for that reason.
  14. With the Big Weekend competition now underway we now have the chance to listen to the 'official' imaging for this year. For fellow geeks, skip to 38:54 on Matt's show (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05rn9yl). The melody reminds me of another song and it's severely bugging me what it is, but sounding good.
  15. Quite surprised at this. I could be wrong but I do wonder if it's something to do with her being snubbed from Fearne's show and has maybe decided enough's enough on daytime. I think if this was planned for a while they'd have announced it at the same time Fearne left. I've never really been a Gemma Cairney fan if I'm honest, although I have warmed to her in recently months. I haven't heard a massive amount of Adele Roberts, but from what I have heard I'm sure she'll be great. She's been the stand-in presenter for ages so she'll fit right in.
  16. Haha, love the You've Been Busted feature. There's no way they'd get away with that now. I do miss the era of risquér radio. It all sort of ended on Radio 1 when Chris Moyles left. Was listening to clips of Badly Bleeped TV the other day - that was hilarious.
  17. Anyone watching the Newsbeat debate? I think it's great seeing Radio 1 and 1Xtra having more of a presence on TV, and the brand expanding. From a nerdy point of view (it is UM after all) I'm also liking the new logo and use of Dan Mumford's music. It seems the Newsbeat website and YouTube channel is relaunching on Thursday in time for the election too. https://twitter.com/louisa_compton/status/584054214927745024
  18. Dan Mumford uploaded a demo of the beds to his Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/danmumford/bbc-newsbeat-theme-2015
  19. Ant L


    Ugh, they still haven't fixed the logo that looks like 'BBC iPlayer Radio Radio 1'. All the other BBC radio sites have fixed it but not R1 and 1Xtra for some reason.
  20. Interesting, very interesting. I can't really see how it'll fit in to what's predominantly an entertainment show, but at least we still have Greg. I hope it's basically a usual Greg James show, with the chart incorporated rather than a full on chart rundown. I note the chart's reducing to two hours as part of all this. In fact would it not be 1 hour 45 mins if Newsbeat's still running at 5:45pm? End of a very long era.
  21. Great news that he's staying. Can't remember any awkwardness during that Katy Perry interview...
  22. They'll probably never use half of them.
  23. It seems the regular cover for Scott's show is almost always Matt these days. I would say that's a fairly good sign of him taking the slot permanently one day, but then Alice covers for Fearne often and look how that turned out. Surprised Clara's not in for Fearne actually. Hard to see where Dev would fit in on weekdays really, other than being the regular cover for Greg. I'd actually quite like to hear Chris Stark do a show on his own sometime, Chappers and Dave style. Matt Edmondson started off doing the showbiz on Fearne's show so it's not totally out of the question.
  24. Alice Levine is taking over the show at some point.
  25. Yeah heard a few new idents over the last couple of days on Scott's show. Good to keep things fresh sounding. There's a couple of Where It Begins idents that sound like re-sings of the regular Pure jingles. Not a fan of the others.
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