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  1. Glad Sara's going to be back, I was a fan of Matt when he was first on, but with him being so awful to people on twitter I've been put right off him. There was a friday a few weeks back where Matt seemed to be on everyones shows all afternoon, very irritating. His weekend show was far too over produced and forced, there were so many long prerecorded segments about someone buying a new hat or some crap like that.
  2. Hahah, oh the illusion has been shattered... I thought Scott had really had his head hit on the table by a real puppet fox. Should have been a longer cameo, did waste a lot of my life trying to find Scott flicking through the show on iplayer, glad I came on here to find out when it was, thanks Kizmok
  3. Its the magic crossfade, they're all doing it! D'ya think its a BBC Floorfillers type branded Album? Like they do with Live Lounge
  4. Really not going to happen for me unfortunately, far too far to go and far more money then I actually have
  5. I think it was the band TLC, he played No Scrub I think
  6. These shows are going to be very very interesting, unfortunately no chance of me going up there, hope a few UM'ers are able to get up there
  7. Asleep all afternoon, thats the life. I woke up when Cotton was on today.... that's quite an achievement of recent.
  8. Does anyone know the Toady joke that they keep referencing again? I can't find it anywhere online, its difficult to know what to search to find it
  9. I tried to watch this program the other day, it was awful. Now I'm going to end up watching it again to see Mills in it. Ergghh
  10. nice country version of Kylie. Interesting... I'm imagining a barn dance
  11. Good afternoon everyone! Back from the student radio conference, thought I'd say hello :-D
  12. I've got this up on another screen. Can't actually leave the room.
  13. Scott is having real issues with that mic isnt he!
  14. Yeah that disclaimer scared me a little! This is funny to watch, glad I got food before the show started
  15. Catch a goat, Chappers has pulled! Or hes really really eager to face the cold winter winds
  16. Beccys bit reminds me so much of Student Radio, every show sounds like this :-)
  17. Of course! Did you really need to ask? ;-)
  18. This is Beccys trial for when Scott takes over Moyles ;-)
  19. Whereas if you pick 3 2minute songs all is good! I dont think they'll pick anyone over the age of 20, its going to be 11year olds and 16 year olds all day.
  20. Its quiet on here tonight! How are you all doing? I have the AAA streaming on my TV screen :-)
  21. Haha, yeah he always checks here, told me himself at the Student Radio Awards, I would give you a clip of him saying it... but I forgot to press record. Doh!
  22. Seconded, Maybe some paper chains for the Christmas season too :-)
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