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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have had a lovely day.
  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you have had a lovely day
  3. Nikki


    I think that it is great that Timsk is doing this! Viv as for you, can I cast your mind back to Sport relief, where nearly every post you made was asking for people to donate? I think you even had a sponsor me message in your signature! So don't come on here moaning and whining about people asking for donations. You never have a nice word to say when Nati is involved. So take Helen's advice and for once keep your stupid contradicting opinions to yourself!
  4. Go Zane yay! Aww poor Huw.
  5. It is pretty shit that the winners come up before they are announced.
  6. What an annoying woman.
  7. To be fair there were a lot of words for her take in.
  8. Well Scott isn't on table 27.
  9. Right this man is boring me now.
  10. I don't think Scott will actually be listening.
  11. *tuts loudly* there's always one.
  12. I cried at the Lion King in the cinema, I was on a first date and he dumped me after that.
  13. He's in and out if that makes any sense.
  14. Ha that almost sounds rude! Don't mention the rabbit it's driving me mad. It's just a crazed thing he has eaten all the buttons off of the remote control. I am trying to get a photo onto the computer.
  15. Giant rabbit for sale. Lovable but likes to chew, damage so far, one child's remote controlled crane cable chewed, mouse cable chewed, nintendo charger chewed, 2 sets of earphone wires chewed. And don't get me started on the 30.00 euros worth of bedding plants that are no more.
  16. Nikki

    Not a happy bunny

    I promise I will post pictures soon, the kids have fallen in love with it so I guess it'll be staying and not being made into a stew.
  17. I got the Dutch for 'dwarf' mixed up with 'giant' when buying a pet rabbit today for my children. He weighs 2 kilos already and he's only ten weeks old. He may reach eleven kilos. I was only hoping for a small rabbit but he is a cutie. This is what I'll now end up with:
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