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  1. or our NON-christian beliefs
  2. i see my comment has been deleted. mature. sideshow bob - which no-one will get now becase my comment was DELETED - is Krusty the clowns sidekick in simpsons.
  3. not that I'm one to go on about my sexuality, but I too am a gay!
  4. how do u do the changing the size of the word thing? eh? ooh! that's how! cheers! [size-'number']word to enlarge
  5. you would Jono - but you don't understand our viewpoint. gay people aren't represented well at all on the television or on radio for that matter, and you can't argue that point. not that i watch it for this reason, but torchwood is about the only programme on tv where you MAY see man on man action. every other show is rife with the opposite. it takes specific shows like queer as folk for gay issues to be brought to the limelight - not just man on man action, but coming out, dealing with hatred because of our sexuality, forming relationships that aren't just about sex. The bbc pussy foots around it, ALL the time! Stop arguing with me just for the sake of it.
  6. why oh why is there a 'yes but not so soon option'? he's been captive for ages! if he has to die, which is just wrong by the way, then he dies, why prolong the inevitable? Are we so evil that we let kill someone the way they would kill someone? Surely then we become the beast that we are trying to rid ourselves of?!
  7. Is there a straight Will Young? Never knew! May be I'll dress in his clothes!
  8. Dj78


    I LOVE that it is set in Wales! I love hearing the accent. It's so under-rated, or was until big brother and Glynn! It's a shame Billie Piper can't show up on it - being in another dimension and all! I loved Rose Tyler!
  9. The probelm with Mills is he is on the bbc and, partially, his sideshow bob. The bbc doesn't do promoting gayness much, so Mills is somewhat confined in what he can do, so he, with the strong influence of his team, go on about hooking Mills up with girls. Oh how funny would it be if Scott hooked up with a girl, titter-titter?! Not very. It's been done. Blind Date, Streetmate...... It would be funny if sideshow bob hooked up with a boy. That hasn't been done. But, sideshow bob wouldn't do it, he'd just moan and groan and challenge his masculinity, or something! I'm sure Mills is more than happy doing all this, but so would I be in his rather comfortable, non-risque position. So yeah, he is gay, but often does 'funny' things like talking about dating girls to keep listeners and keep the bbc and sideshow bob happy.
  10. Dj78


    The fact that most characters have kissed a member of both sexes, is their way of trying to remove the labels we are all so ready to attach to everyone and everything. It's just a kiss.
  11. Dj78


    personally i don't find any of the actors that attractive. if it was just fit women getting it on with each other there would be no complaint! typical bloke! anything else I can disagree with you on?
  12. as long as someone else doesn't have ur mrs as their wallpaper geezer! then u should worry!
  13. no it wouldn't! in fact, it'd be worse!
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