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  1. We wanna go to the party in Jono's tummy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZClQw6lIQg Happy birthday, happy birthday, Jono! Would have sang you a version of this, but alas, couldn't choose a perfect take! Hope you have a GREAT day!!!!
  2. Surely he'll have interviews, daily features, and other fun moments!
  3. Was getting a lot of people asking me about it. It will be GREAT waking up in the morning everyday. He's now my Moyles in the morning.
  4. Am so excited that Greg's been promoted!!!! Will be interesting what he'll bring into Edith's slot.
  5. Same here, going to put it on my Mac.
  6. We're getting off topic.
  7. I never had issues with my computers, as I never looked for.... .
  8. Vista is a lazy system, there's no fun in it. First they get rid of the original command prompt, then they make the OS simpler! Oh, and can I have my floppy back? I want to run my Microsoft Entertainment disk from '93!
  9. I have Windows machines too!
  10. You're lazzzyyy! Haha.
  11. No, 1. Go to Display 2. Select the Desktop tab. 3. Click Customize Desktop. 4. Select the General tab. 5. Under the "Desktop icons" section, clear the check boxes next to any icons that you don't want to appear on the desktop.
  12. Here's my desktop at the moment: .
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