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  1. Mike123

    Big weekend 2019?

    The tick tock makes me think it’s a marathon show or lolathon. How Scott’s involved I’m not sure.
  2. Mike123

    Big weekend 2019?

    Matt said earlier it’s something new, not hide and seek, because something texted saying is it hide and seek.
  3. Mike123

    Big weekend 2019?

    Who do we think the massive name this year will be? Ed Sheeran again?
  4. Mike123

    Big weekend 2019?

    I’ve got a feeling whatever it is next week it’s gonna be brilliant.
  5. Mike123

    Schedule Changes

    Never thought of that, could be !
  6. Mike123

    Schedule Changes

    He could take over from Annie Mac at some point whenever she leaves, he’s a lot younger than her so it could happen
  7. Mike123

    Big weekend 2019?

    Yeah, they’ll have known all the plans for months. Maybe some logistics have fallen through.
  8. Mike123

    Big weekend 2019?

    It’s really weird. Radio 1 have almost gone silent since the Jan Slam about it. Maybe something’s gone wrong.
  9. Mike123

    Schedule Changes

    Oh sorry, must’ve made a mistake there. Yeah, I completely agree, wonder if there’s still any hope of him getting a better slot.
  10. Mike123

    2019 predictions...

    I agree actually to a degree. Although it’s on at drivetime.
  11. Mike123

    Schedule Changes

    Pleased to see a full week of Phil is for Annie next week, always good to hear.
  12. Mike123

    Schedule Changes

    yeah, and if he waits a bit more he'll probably be the next drive host, Grimmy's not gonna last long on there
  13. Mike123

    Schedule Changes

    How do we think Adele will sound on The 8th??
  14. Mike123

    Schedule Changes

    It sounded really good today. Clara fits that format so well, it shows how slick she can be as a music presenter.
  15. Mike123

    Alts to R1

    Possibly lol