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  1. Chris D

    Scott's Chart Show - Updated Imaging

    A thought just occurred to me. Who will cover the chart now when Scott is ill or on holiday? Do we think MistaJam will continue to be the main cover or is it possible Greg could cover? Might be stepping on Scotts toes a bit if he did.
  2. Chris D

    Scott's Chart Show - Updated Imaging

    I prefer Gregs version. It held the tension better. And I agree with the above. I'll give him chance to get into it though.
  3. Chris D

    Friday is now the weekend

    Really like Matt and Mollie, they work so well together. Quite liked "Mollie in the mix" at the end of the show.
  4. Chris D

    The Official Chart with Scott Mills

    Didn't get to hear all of the chart, but from what I did hear it was very good. He sounds so enthusiastic about it and the format is good. I wonder how long it'll be before it reverts to the same old chart that Greg was doing every week, without any of the celebrity phone calls. The new imaging is ok, I like that they've kept hints of the previous one but I don't think its quite as good. Also, it looks like Greg retains the Chart Update on Mondays as well! From what I heard of Dance Anthems, that was sounding good too! He referenced that it was good to be back doing the show (although under a different name).
  5. Chris D

    The Official Chart with Scott Mills

    Tried to listen back but Greg's show is unavailable on catchup for some reason
  6. Chris D

    Schedule Changes

    And it still says "With Greg James". I'm guessing they can't re-name the show until after this Friday as it'll change too soon.
  7. Wrong Uns and Shouldn't be news as well! Oh and Rent a Greg, I reckon we'll see that again.
  8. Chris D

    Schedule Changes

    So happy to see Dance Anthems is still in there!! Scott is perfect for that show!