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  1. Chris D

    Schedule Changes

    Friday 31st August is showing off air at 18:00 where Dance Anthems should be. Assuming its just a mistake...
  2. Love it! Just when you think it can't get any better than Hunt the Sausage
  3. Yay! Shame he finishes at 10. The 10 minute takeover at 10 would be great hah
  4. Definitely heard High Hopes in there. I thought I was going mad too
  5. He's said afternoon by accident already!
  6. Very slick. Far better than "ALL THIS COMING AFTER THESE THREE SONGS"
  7. Mentioned Nick Grimshaw in the first half hour hahah
  8. I'm loving the "theme tune" very Greg
  9. We haven't heard "Coming after after these three songs". Thats a good start!
  10. I'll be listening! Only have to get up half an hour earlier so no massive loss
  11. I wonder if Rent A Greg will come back this year. Thats quite an interactive feature and makes for a good listen
  12. Surprised they didn't go for something a bit brighter. I'm sure some of the night show pages had a similar dark colour scheme for a while
  13. Cool that the podcast will be daily. I'll listen to the show daily at work anyway but nice to have the option if I miss it.