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  1. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Adele is covering for MistaJam next Saturday on Dance Anthems.
  2. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Jordan North in for Adele on the 17th December.
  3. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Nick Bright is covering for Dev on The 8th on the 13th November. Matt Edmondson is in for Scott on the 21st November and from the 26th-29th. Mollie isn't listed presumably because Chris Stark will still be there and therefore there is no need to bring Mollie in with her. Also on the 25th, Cel is doing Life Hacks and Most Played on his own.
  4. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Jordon is in for Maya Jama tomorrow.
  5. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Arielle Free is in for Jordan on the 4th November.
  6. TMD_24

    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    Looking at the calendar, Christmas Eve and Day falls on a Monday/Tuesday so I can see it being Scott on Breakfast again for that week. I can see Will Best and ArIelle Free being used as cover on weekends, maybe Mollie King on her own and Katie & Cel doing solo covers and maybe some double shifts as well. Since New Years Eve/Day falls on the Monday/Tuesday I can't see a normal schedule return until the following week. So for Christmas Eve I can see it being: 4-6:30am: Arlee Free 6:30-10am: Jordan North 10-1pm: Mollie King (Would be good to try her out solo) 1pm-7pm: Scott & Chris Bangers (Pre-Recorded) And for Christmas Day: 4-6:30am: Arlee Free 6:30-10am: Scott Mills 10am-4pm: Radio 1 Takeover 4pm-7pm: Jordan North 26-27th: 4-6:30am: Arlee Free 6:30-10am: Scott Mills 10am-1pm: Mollie King 1-4pm: Matt Edmondson 4-7pm: Dev & Alice 28th: 4-6am: Adele Roberts 6-10am: Dev & Alice 10-1pm: Maya Jama Or Katie Thistleton 1-7pm: Chart Of The Year With Jordan North 29th: 6-10am: Dev & Alice 10-1pm: Maya Jama or Katie Thistleton 1-4pm: Will Best 4-7pm: Dance Anthems With Adele Roberts 30th: 6-10am: Dev & Alice 10am-1pm: Cel Spellman 1-4pm: Will Best 4pm-7pm: Cel & Katie New Years Eve: 4-6:30am: Arlee Free 6:30-10am: Scott Mills 10-1pm: Radio 1 Greatest New Year Hits With Maya Jama 1-4pm: Matt & Mollie 4-7pm: Cel Spellman 7-1am: New Year Party With Jordan North New Years Day-3rd: 4-6:30am: Arlee Free 6:30-10am: Scott Mills 10-1pm: Adele Roberts 1-4pm: Jordan North 4-7pm: Cel Spellman 4th: 4-6am: Arlee Free 6-10am: Dev & Alice 10-1pm: Maya Jama 1-4pm: Will Best 4-7pm: Chart/Dance Anthems With Jordan North 5th: 6-10am: Dev & Alice 10-1pm: Maya Jama 1-4pm: Will Best 4-7pm: Dance Anthems With Adele Roberts 6th: 6-10am: Dev & Alice 10-1pm: Katie Thistleton 1-4pm: Matt & Mollie 4-7pm: Katie Thistleton 7th onwards: As normal
  7. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Katie Thistleton is in for Jordan this Sunday. Also this Sunday is when the evening schedule changes to: 7pm-9pm: Radio 1 Chillest Show With Phil Taggart 9pm-11pm: Radio 1 Rock Show With Daniel P Carter 11pm-1am: BBC Introducing On Radio 1 With Huw Stephens 1am-3am: Radio 1 Residency
  8. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    I never heard a direct mention on air from Scott that they would be on the Saturday actually. He kept mentioning that he would have a show on the Sunday but not the Saturday.
  9. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    The Saturday schedule has changed. 6am-10am: Alice Levine (Was Cel) 10am-12pm: Radio 1 Greatest Hits with Maya Jama & Jordan North (As before) 12pm-2pm: Dev (Was Scott & Chris) 2pm-11pm: As before The Sunday schedule is the same except that Life Hacks & Most Played is just Cel. Charile Sloth is on holidays from Thursday (Apart from Saturday) so it's Dev covering The 8th on Thursday and Dotty covering next week. Daniel P Carter is in for Annie Mac on Bank Holiday and next Wednesday is Huw Stephens last show before he moves to Sunday's 11pm-1am and Jack Saunders taking over his current slot. Dev is going solo next Tuesday.
  10. TMD_24

    2016 Power Intros

    What a waste of time that is.. I suppose they are releasing stuff of what the station would sound like if they were still using the 2014-2016 imaging and to be fair if they still were using that package with these beds then I guess the package would have lasted a lot longer but I can't see the point of releasing this now if they are two years behind themselves. It's even more funny that they are using a current voice at the start but then switching to the old voices after that.
  11. Just wondering if the Where It Begins tagline has been dropped for "The 1"? I'm hearing that quite frequently across adverts, the chart show and now the breakfast show.
  12. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    With Phil and Annie off, Benji B will be covering Annie Mac next week on Monday-Wednesday.
  13. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Yes Scott said on the chart show Friday he and Chris was doing a show on the 26th. Good to see lot's of coverage from the festival. I think that's the most coverage down for Reading & Leeds that Radio 1 has provided in years.
  14. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Good to see Radio 1 trying out some new conbinations. Arielle Free & Will Best could work well together. I really enjoy listening to Will Best mainly because I remember him doing the chart on 4Music and various other shows. He has done some cover work for Heart as well but I think he could work better on Radio 1.
  15. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Probably means that the Drivetime and maybe Breakfast changes start 3rd September.