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  1. Schedule is out!
  2. Another new bed played after I think 2:10pm.
  3. Oooh Adele played a new ID at the start of the show today with the Where It Begins stuff in it again. I really am loving the work Wish Buddah, IMGR, Pure Jingles and Contraband Media are doing to the imaging with regular updates to the beds's and ID's. It's fresh and not too repetitive as well which makes it great to listen to. I think this is the best Imaging Radio 1 has had for years!
  4. On The Sly are producing the imaging again this year.
  5. Scott Mills played a new bed on his show today around 1:13pm. Would like to see new updates and the original lot are brilliant as it is. EDIT: Now he's played one of the new PURE Jingles bed's at 3:23pm.
  6. Scott Mills mentioned today that the Summer Mixes are coming back again this year and that they have filmed a TV trailer for it. I wonder what they will be like this year,? I hope they don't end up doing 3 mixes per day like they did when they got to the Christmas Mixes and they literally made a mess of the repeats. EDIT: Radio advert confirms it starts 17th July from 9:45am.
  7. Or she could be a replacement for Gemma Cairney at Newsbeat and crash the jingles in the news each update.
  8. I would also put Leanne Wood at 19:00-21:00, R1 Takeover with Diane Abbott from 21:00-22:00 and Nigel Dodds from 22:00-01:00. Weekly Playlist to be picked by the Queen and Radio 1 to be controlled by the Daily Mail.
  9. A bit disappointing that neither IMGR or Contraband Media could create any Power Intros for Big Weekend artists other than ones from the headliners, Katy Perry and Kings Of Leon this year. I heard a fair variety last year so it's a shame they didn't make an effort to do as much this year.
  10. Can I request these? Calvin Harris - Heatstroke Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back Thanks! Great work on this by the way.
  11. The article sort of suggests that it's for the old songs. DNCE 'Toothbrush' isn't that old though surely?
  12. Another set of Power Intro demos has been published, this time by Contraband Media who created the R1 Breakfast Show imaging. They have already made 100 intros! Are IMGR still doing these then or is Contraband Media taking over then? I've heard a few already from them but most of them I've heard are IMGR productions. These intro's are already giving me 1tros memories.
  13. Apparently, it's due to a joke about Essex girls made during the LOLathon.
  14. I'm not sure really.. See these points: So it looks like the 2 extended Newsbeat bulletins will stay but perhaps points 4.35 and 4.36 suggest the 12:45pm-1pm bulletin could be moved?