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  1. The article sort of suggests that it's for the old songs. DNCE 'Toothbrush' isn't that old though surely?
  2. Another set of Power Intro demos has been published, this time by Contraband Media who created the R1 Breakfast Show imaging. They have already made 100 intros! Are IMGR still doing these then or is Contraband Media taking over then? I've heard a few already from them but most of them I've heard are IMGR productions. These intro's are already giving me 1tros memories.
  3. Apparently, it's due to a joke about Essex girls made during the LOLathon.
  4. I'm not sure really.. See these points: So it looks like the 2 extended Newsbeat bulletins will stay but perhaps points 4.35 and 4.36 suggest the 12:45pm-1pm bulletin could be moved?
  5. Lol I'm confused!
  6. Its fine!
  7. We've been discussing this a bit in the Chatbox but this does deserve it's own thread. OFCOM, the new regulators for the BBC have announced a new draft operating license which sets out some rules about the standards on it's programming and it's competition. These changes apply to BBC Radio 1/2 as well so here's a rundown on some of the changes.. A new peak-time requirement for a longer news programme on weekdays, the 1 hour requirement is staying though and there will be still 2 extended bulletins. There will be more focus on emerging and new UK acts and the music output will be more distinct from other broadcasters. The music played during the daytime will be focused from those in the UK. R1 will still be required to broadcast a certain amount of Specialist Music each year. There will be a bigger broader range of music played on R1/R2. This means the playlist could be set for more changes in terms of it's size. More than 40 documentaries will need to be made each year. (Start at Page 25 for all the juicy information)
  8. Annoyingly, Alice Levine is still using old imaging. I mean seriously....
  9. Anything of a Wiki is never trustable...
  10. Good, now all they need to do is change the TOTD ID's and Newsbeat voiceovers.
  11. Although the trouble is that Greg James is still using the old voiceovers on his shows, surely this week is the time he will change and he had a promo for Dev Patel with the new voiceovers.
  12. Who I hope to be there: Christine & The Queens Niall Horan Sigala Sean Paul Dua Lipa Becky Hill Ray BLK Rag'n'Bone Man Little Mix The 1975 Ed Sheeran RAYE Tinie Tempah Bruno Mars JP Cooper The XX M.O Izzy Bizu MØ Chance The Rapper Charli XCX Foo Fighters The Chainsmokers Don't think all of these will be there but I'm hopeful at most of them will...!
  13. I'm guessing the Pure Jingles package will be dead by next week giving the fact that they nearly have completed the roll out after 100 years of easing the new set.
  14. Trouble is though Clara is still using the old set so it still sounds inconsistent. I wonder what they will do to the power intros with the old voices in them. Will they modify them to use newer voices or not use them all together and remove them?
  15. Adele Roberts is now using the new imaging and has a new name-check on her ID's now. I have to say I don't think I'm going to get as bored with the new imaging as quickly as the current set which starting to die now. The idents are great as well as the beds and everything just feels so much fresher than the current lot which doesn't get that wow factor compared to the new set. I wasn't sure about the Chris Eubank/Andi Peters male voiceover at first but I quite like him and has really got a different feel compared to the others, I don't need to describe the other voiceovers though as they are great!