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  1. TMD_24

    2016 Power Intros

    What a waste of time that is.. I suppose they are releasing stuff of what the station would sound like if they were still using the 2014-2016 imaging and to be fair if they still were using that package with these beds then I guess the package would have lasted a lot longer but I can't see the point of releasing this now if they are two years behind themselves. It's even more funny that they are using a current voice at the start but then switching to the old voices after that.
  2. Just wondering if the Where It Begins tagline has been dropped for "The 1"? I'm hearing that quite frequently across adverts, the chart show and now the breakfast show.
  3. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    With Phil and Annie off, Benji B will be covering Annie Mac next week on Monday-Wednesday.
  4. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Yes Scott said on the chart show Friday he and Chris was doing a show on the 26th. Good to see lot's of coverage from the festival. I think that's the most coverage down for Reading & Leeds that Radio 1 has provided in years.
  5. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Good to see Radio 1 trying out some new conbinations. Arielle Free & Will Best could work well together. I really enjoy listening to Will Best mainly because I remember him doing the chart on 4Music and various other shows. He has done some cover work for Heart as well but I think he could work better on Radio 1.
  6. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Probably means that the Drivetime and maybe Breakfast changes start 3rd September.
  7. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Nick Bright is doing The 8th tonight and Dev on the Tuesday so a double shift for Dev on Tuesday. Jordon is also doing a double shift on Friday as he is doing Early Breakfast and sitting in for Matt for Friday-Sunday. Katie Thistleton is in for Maya on Friday, Cel is doing Greatest Hits Sunday so a double shift for him while Adele is doing Dance Anthems Saturday and Weekend Breakfast Sunday.
  8. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    No Annie tomorrow night so it's Danny Howard in for Annie and Monki in for Danny.
  9. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Dev in for Charlie Sloth on Wednesday and Thursday.
  10. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Thank god if Dance Anthems is staying. Scott Mills starting the Friday Nights will be awesome!
  11. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Looking her up and according to her Twitter, she presents Scrambled on CITV, local radio station Hoxton, PyroRadio and is a former Radio X presenter.
  12. TMD_24

    BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    I noticed that since these OFCOM changes were announced, Radio 1 now have less new music. After the changes, Radio 1 have now 2 Greatest Hits show on Saturday/Sunday, A 30 minute Greatest Hits mix on a Friday, Clara having a 15 minute mix on a Friday and MistaJam having a 1 hour Classic Anthems mix on his Dance Anthems show. There's also now Greatest Hits elements everyday on Adele's, Grimmy's, Scott's and Greg's show. Adele plays a Greatest Hits song at around 6:05am, (She also for a while has played a Greatest Hits song at 4:05am but she hasn't for the last few days) Grimmy plays a Greatest Hits song at 6:35am and 8:05am, Scott plays a mix of Best New Pop and Greatest Hits between 3:30pm-4pm and a Greatest Hits mix on a Friday, and Greg plays a Greatest Hits song at 5:05pm. There's only going to be more of this when the Friday changes happens. We might lose the Nixtape, the 15 minute mix on Clara's show and the 30 minute Greatest Hits mix on Scott's show but in exchange we will have another 2hrs 45 mins of Greatest Hits (I say that because of Newsbeat) and an hour chart-related content between 6pm-7pm which will almost certainly be Greatest Hits type songs. When you think about, we are going to go from 1hr 30 minutes of old music content to 3hrs 45 minutss on a Friday soon. OFCOM have said that Radio 1 should be playing around 50% new music in the daytime. With these upcoming changes, Radio 1 will surely be close to the 50% cut-off soon. I get the sense that Radio 1 is trying to play as less new music as possible while keeping within the targets.
  13. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Adele Roberts is in for Maya Jama on Saturday.
  14. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Dev is covering for Charlie Sloth on The 8th on Tuesday.
  15. TMD_24

    Schedule Changes

    Dev is doing the chart and dance anthems next week.