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  1. Schedule Changes

    Dev is covering for Charlie Sloth on The 8th on Tuesday.
  2. Schedule Changes

    Dev is doing the chart and dance anthems next week.
  3. Schedule Changes

    MistaJam was down to do the chart originally this week as well.
  4. Friday is now the weekend

    He covered the Friday show on the 4th December 2015 and New Years Day 2016 when Greg was off.
  5. Friday is now the weekend

    Well this is interesting.. It's not unsual for there to be different presenters on Friday. Phil and Holly take Fridays off if you watch This Morning, Lorraine is pre-recorded on Friday, BBC Breakfast and GMB also have different presenters on Friday and so do Sky News. If you listen to 1Xtra on Fridays, you hear different presenters from 4pm in the aftertoon although that is because in this case, MistaJam and DJ Target work Saturdays and that 1Xtra probably don't want them working 6 days a week permanently. I don't mind some of the changes but there are also a few that baffle me. Firstly, I think it's good that Matt is getting an extra day and Mollie joining her permanently is also good news as she was a natural at presenting with Matt. Dev is not my favourite presenter but I enjoy Alice when she is on because she drives the laughs. Now to the iffy bits. Regarding Maya Jama, the problem I think is not with her but the Greatest Hits show getting a further edition. It was great at the start because it played songs since Radio 1 started but since it become a regular, they have only played songs from the 90's onward. I guess that the target audience won't like songs that are really old but when you keep this restriction, you start to repeat songs over which get boring after a while. Adding a third show just means further repetition and I don't want that. Although it's great to hear old songs that gives you memories of the past, the format sounds tired already and it makes it worse when you stretch it out. I don't want the Greatest Hits show to sound the equivalent of a day in life of a commercial radio station so maybe when the next bunch of schedule changes come in, they rest this. The other problem I have is the changes to the chart show. I think it's brillant that Scott is doing the charts show from June as he is fantastic presenter all round and he was great whenever he did cover work or do the updates on a Wednesday afternoon when the charts used to be on a Sunday. What I am really annoyed about is that they have scrapped the Dance Anthems show between 6-7pm. I always tune in for this because I love the fact that it's Friday night and that I'm going to hear some banging tunes. Now when I am going to tune in the future, I am going to hear chart-related content. This change is devestating and totally unnecessary. I remember the Number 1 show which they did as chart related content on Cel Spellman's show when he started in July 2015 and got scrapped in October 2016 for the Most Played. (Both as repeative as each other) The wording by the Official Charts Company suggests to me that the chart-related content is going to differ each week but I bet it will just be another "Greatest Hits" type hour. They'll run out of ideas quickly and will end up like The Number 1 Show. I don't understand why Dance Anthems need fiddling with. I'm sure Scott has covered Dance Anthems on a Friday before and managed it fine with the pre-mixed segments so it's a bit surprising that they can't do it in the format as it now but just with Scott doing it instead of Greg. I sort of understand the reason for some of the changes being made but some of the decisions are just strange..
  6. Schedule Changes

    Late change tonight as Phil is in for Annie.
  7. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    Ofcom have anmounced an amendment to the operating licence regarding new music. This comes into effect from the 1st April. The defention of new music has been updated. Now any music released within 12 months or entering the top 20 charts within 6 weeks is classed as new music now. The second major change now includes the minimum requirement for new music being played going up from 45% to 50%.
  8. Schedule Changes

    Dev is in for Greg on the 22nd. MistaJam is in for Greg on the 23rd which means he is doing the charts and Dance Anthems. (Also means it's live-mixed) Danny Howard is in for Annie Mac as well on the 23rd which means Monki takes Danny Howard's usual show.
  9. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Some of the extra songs was due to them being pre-mixed and shortened though.
  10. Schedule Changes

    Late additon to the schedule tomorrow. 8pm-9pm: Clara Amfro interviews Kendrick Lamar
  11. Schedule Changes

    Well this is interesting. Dev is in for Charlie Sloth tonight..
  12. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    The first week early slot has now been filled. Will Best is presenting that week. Another minor change is that Daniel P Carter is in for Annie Mac on NYD.
  13. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    Christmas Schedule 2017: Key points: Maya Jama in for Alice on 23rd/24th R1 Superstar Playlist returns Christmas Day 10am-4pm Boxing Day 1pm-4pm TBA so perhaps that's Dev? 27th is Live Lounge rewind day until 4pm 28th Is Nixtape day until 7pm 29th is Chart of 2017 day until 7pm Luke Franks in for Alice on the 30th/31st, he's also on NYD 10am-1pm Cel & Katie doing a NYE Dance Classics show 4pm-7pm, also on 1pm-4pm on the 2nd-5th Jordan North hosts the NYE into NYD show from 7pm (Looks like a pre-recorded show) and then is on Breakfast on NYD and on the 10am-1pm slot from the 2nd-5th Katie Thistleton is on 1pm-4pm NYD Scott & Chris on Breakfast 2nd-5th Dev on Drivetime 2nd-4th, MistaJam on the chart on the 5th
  14. Schedule Changes

    So MistaJam announced this evening that he is not the only change to the Saturday Dance Anthems show. He revealed there will be a different theme each hour. Hour 1 will be classics, hour 2 will be current songs and hour 3 will be future and upcoming hits. I would swap the classics and current songs around but that sounds like a really interesting new era for the show. MistaJam will make it work!