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  1. Schedule Changes

    Late additon to the schedule tomorrow. 8pm-9pm: Clara Amfro interviews Kendrick Lamar
  2. Schedule Changes

    Well this is interesting. Dev is in for Charlie Sloth tonight..
  3. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    The first week early slot has now been filled. Will Best is presenting that week. Another minor change is that Daniel P Carter is in for Annie Mac on NYD.
  4. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    Christmas Schedule 2017: Key points: Maya Jama in for Alice on 23rd/24th R1 Superstar Playlist returns Christmas Day 10am-4pm Boxing Day 1pm-4pm TBA so perhaps that's Dev? 27th is Live Lounge rewind day until 4pm 28th Is Nixtape day until 7pm 29th is Chart of 2017 day until 7pm Luke Franks in for Alice on the 30th/31st, he's also on NYD 10am-1pm Cel & Katie doing a NYE Dance Classics show 4pm-7pm, also on 1pm-4pm on the 2nd-5th Jordan North hosts the NYE into NYD show from 7pm (Looks like a pre-recorded show) and then is on Breakfast on NYD and on the 10am-1pm slot from the 2nd-5th Katie Thistleton is on 1pm-4pm NYD Scott & Chris on Breakfast 2nd-5th Dev on Drivetime 2nd-4th, MistaJam on the chart on the 5th
  5. Schedule Changes

    So MistaJam announced this evening that he is not the only change to the Saturday Dance Anthems show. He revealed there will be a different theme each hour. Hour 1 will be classics, hour 2 will be current songs and hour 3 will be future and upcoming hits. I would swap the classics and current songs around but that sounds like a really interesting new era for the show. MistaJam will make it work!
  6. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    So OFCOM have published their final version of the new operating licence for the BBC which also relates to BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. Key points: One hour of news and two extended bulletins, one in peak time and regular updates during the weekend. (No change in other words) 40 new documentaries per year. (Presumably all of these during the new 3-4am slot) 45% of the music in daytime should be British acts, also 45% of the music in the daytime should be new music and the majority from British acts. 60 hours of specialist music is required. (I think this is the reason why some of night time scheduling has changed) 175 new sessions, live or pre-recorded within 3 months. The station plays a bigger range of music which takes into the account of the size of the playlist and amount of plays in daytime/nighttime. (Wonder if we could see some big changes to the way the playlist is done in the future?) It does 2 social action campaigns per year. (I quite like this one!) Will post my opinion about this in more detail soon.
  7. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    Schedule is out!
  8. 2016 Power Intros

    Another new bed played after I think 2:10pm.
  9. 2016 Power Intros

    Oooh Adele played a new ID at the start of the show today with the Where It Begins stuff in it again. I really am loving the work Wish Buddah, IMGR, Pure Jingles and Contraband Media are doing to the imaging with regular updates to the beds's and ID's. It's fresh and not too repetitive as well which makes it great to listen to. I think this is the best Imaging Radio 1 has had for years!
  10. BBC R1 Summer Mix 2017

    On The Sly are producing the imaging again this year.
  11. 2016 Power Intros

    Scott Mills played a new bed on his show today around 1:13pm. Would like to see new updates and the original lot are brilliant as it is. EDIT: Now he's played one of the new PURE Jingles bed's at 3:23pm.
  12. BBC R1 Summer Mix 2017

    Scott Mills mentioned today that the Summer Mixes are coming back again this year and that they have filmed a TV trailer for it. I wonder what they will be like this year,? I hope they don't end up doing 3 mixes per day like they did when they got to the Christmas Mixes and they literally made a mess of the repeats. EDIT: Radio advert confirms it starts 17th July from 9:45am.
  13. Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!

    Or she could be a replacement for Gemma Cairney at Newsbeat and crash the jingles in the news each update.