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  1. Nice one for this - do you have the originals that you are willing to share?
  2. perhaps an hour long show every week at 9pm that sees the return of Tap End?
  3. Not to worry! Not been on in a while. I have the main EPM/Koink theme and the 30 second beds, but the show open and out jingles/IDs would be great. Am also missing the IDs from 2012 Music4 (only have the main bed and the show open)
  4. forde52 - would you mind sharing?
  5. New IDs are up on WiseBuddah site now: https://www.wisebuddah.com/jingles/jingles?genre=57
  6. Loving the montage. Would you mind sharing the EPM/Koink and 2012 Music 4 stuff you included in there? I noticed a few bits I don't have.
  7. Any chance you would want to send me the beds and idents from the Official Chart 2015? Likely the clean openers in your collection were from the ones I uploaded a few months ago so would be great to complete the set?
  8. Its a real shame that Rhianna is going. I really enjoy the movie reviews she does and the chemistry her and Gregory have. Likely Radio 1 making more money saving cuts
  9. Seconded
  10. I agree with the lead up, but Xmas Day has one change... don't reckon Scott would work Xmas Day 6.30am: Dev 10am: Live Lounge Highlights 1pm: Big Weekend Highlights 4pm: Official Chart
  11. oh goody a spammer
  12. She is such an epic failure of newsbeat introness...
  13. OK cool let me know.
  14. Will ping you a PM
  15. Will be listening