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  1. perhaps an hour long show every week at 9pm that sees the return of Tap End?
  2. Not to worry! Not been on in a while. I have the main EPM/Koink theme and the 30 second beds, but the show open and out jingles/IDs would be great. Am also missing the IDs from 2012 Music4 (only have the main bed and the show open)
  3. forde52 - would you mind sharing?
  4. New IDs are up on WiseBuddah site now: https://www.wisebuddah.com/jingles/jingles?genre=57
  5. Loving the montage. Would you mind sharing the EPM/Koink and 2012 Music 4 stuff you included in there? I noticed a few bits I don't have.
  6. Any chance you would want to send me the beds and idents from the Official Chart 2015? Likely the clean openers in your collection were from the ones I uploaded a few months ago so would be great to complete the set?
  7. Its a real shame that Rhianna is going. I really enjoy the movie reviews she does and the chemistry her and Gregory have. Likely Radio 1 making more money saving cuts
  8. Seconded
  9. I agree with the lead up, but Xmas Day has one change... don't reckon Scott would work Xmas Day 6.30am: Dev 10am: Live Lounge Highlights 1pm: Big Weekend Highlights 4pm: Official Chart
  10. oh goody a spammer
  11. She is such an epic failure of newsbeat introness...
  12. OK cool let me know.
  13. Will ping you a PM
  14. Will be listening
  15. Can I grab these please Ben?