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  1. LOVE IT!
  2. Sorry, i don't understand what .. means
  3. have you got the dry VOs? I could make some stuff and upload to
  4. where exactly please? Thanks for the timings. I like the intro, not amazing but i do prefer these two voices to the 'Chris Eubank/Andi Peters' sounding man. Too much production can sound a bit gimicky i feel.
  5. where exactly please?
  6. Ha ha ha!! Yes!! This is so true! Not a fan though. Any of the previous males have been far superior to this one!
  7. I heard the outage on the replay on Sunday but what i'm really after is the emergency tape idents
  8. Thanks Matthew. I heard the outage on the replay on Sunday but what i'm really after is the emergency tape idents Thanks
  9. anyone got clips of these outages as its been edited off the iplayer
  10. So sorry for the late response. Here you go, you may need to register though. The best site ever for anything audio related. Lots of R1 stuff on to
  11. sorry i've literally just found it! Sorry to bother you all Capes
  12. Hi guys, A while back Radio 1 did some feature or competition about films and the bed music was a bond theme with the top on the bed beig a montage of other bonds themes. Im sure ive seen a clean version of this on one of the audio websites somewhere but now i cant find it! Does anyone have a copy or know where i can find one? Thanks, Capes
  13. Communication is obviously as good as my workplace then! Not sold yet, but this si usually the case with me. I'm sure it will be fine once i get used to them
  14. Possibly as dont forget they share the news with 1Xtra and have to hit the bed intro at a certain time. It would make sense to have something a bit slicker
  15. Mike works at Radio 1 i believe so it's probably just easier and cheaper to use him. I've listened a few times now and im pretty certain its the old female voice, not a new one. That said, we're over due a change now!