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  1. Loved it, sounded better than ever 😁
  2. I would really miss Scott & Chris in the afternoons - best show on R1 imo. RMC are shocking, no idea where they appeared from, but better suited to local radio. I love Adele on early mornings, I think she genuinely loves her slot and her 'early morning crew'. I don't know much about Greg's show, as I listen to Chris Moyles after Adele. I would like to hear more of Jordan - he's probably one of the best DJs they have other than Scott. Maybe Jordan on drivetime? They need to look at their playlist though, far too much MOBO & US music - I thought that was what 1 Extra was there for. I'd l
  3. I love Scott & Chris. Adele in the mornings is just perfect for the time of day. I've listened to Greg from early breakfast through to mornings. I really dislike his morning show and that intro music drives me insane. Jordan is R1's hidden weapon - he's brilliant at any time of day, but it would be great if he took over the morning show. At weekends, Matt & Dev on their own, minus the sidekicks would be perfect. Playlist-wise, far too much rap currently - I thought that's what 1 Extra was made for.
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