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    alrite_treacle got a reaction from BBCR1_James in How R1 Shows are titled   
    That's a dubiously photoshopped photo of Jordan North with Mollie, there! The schedule certainly is a mess at the moment - I would hope they're all in their own shows once Greg starts breakfast!!
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    alrite_treacle got a reaction from OohErr in Greg is the new Breakfast Show host as Nick Grimshaw quits   
    Radio 1 is far too scared of "creating" another Moyles-style personality centred show, they're taking away aspects of ownership, creativity and ego of the shows, and are in danger of making the breakfast show too sterile again! I want the Greg James Breakfast Show, not Greg standing in for Grimmy with a few new features...
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    alrite_treacle got a reaction from OohErr in Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek   
    The best radio is when the whole Radio 1 Family comes together, I think! It's why I love shows when all of the DJs come on and get a bit of freedom. Non-Innuendo Bingo with Greg James during the LOLathon was one of my favourite bits of radio ever (Chris Sawyer producing again), and I even enjoyed Fearne Cotton's last show, even though I didn't particularly gravitate towards her show normally (except the Versus segments with Zane Lowe).
    It's why I want Real Or No Real back! (Scott, Chris and Greg laughing about Bruce Forsyth being older than cubed ice , etc.)
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