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  1. 10 Hour takeovers annoy me - all the people who request songs on the playlist wind me up. I bet the most requested dog will be bloody Harry Styles.
  2. It looks like they're gonna have to put a 15 minute bulletin in the breakfast show to me... (not that I'll mind as it's 15 mins less Grimmy in the morning) I've always loved how seriously they take the 1 hour day time news rule it's exactly right to the minute: 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, 9:30 all 3 mins so 18 mins. 10:30 and 11:30 are 2 mins each bringing it to 22. 1:30 is 1 min (23), 2:30 and 3:30 2 mins (26), 4:30 3 mins (29), and 5:00 1 min (30) - add the 15 min bulletins and there is your hour!
  3. There is definitely a lack of hype this year - I don't understand why they'd release the location and three acts, then basically forget about it for two months!
  4. This has been done before (Christmas last year), but doubt the OCC would agree to it, they want a prime time slot; also they'd have to turn the data around fast, and R1 would have to turn it around even faster to get it on air and produced to a decent standard! Although from our perspective it makes some sense, I can't see R1 or OCC ever going for it.
  5. Disagree here, we were behind the rest of the world with the chart - with songs being released on Fridays/Saturdays, meaning they'd be part of the UK chart on the Sunday yet would place low as only being around for a few hours, thus not reaching their possible potential. Moving the chart to a Friday is better for artists, and allows for a more accurate representation of their album sales in the chart - it therefore makes it more interesting for the listeners too. I do agree however that it was better for programming when it was on a Sunday, and it's definitely a shame to have lost Greg's Friday show; the chart is bigger than Radio 1 however, and they have to move for the chart and the music industry, not the other way round.
  6. Hear hear, it was me that logged in and removed it as vandalism, the thing is full of inaccuracies on R1 pages, loads of people calling Matt Edmonson a moth ffs
  7. Just the stuff about Trump, made one or two Brexit references, and that heartfelt insta post re refugees - I've already seen those on the right jumping up and down because the BBC is supposed to be unbiased. Personally I think he's very funny and would be very good at political satire, but I know the bosses wouldn't like it!
  8. I think maybe every time he gets to 30/20/10 he should go over the previous 10, sometimes it's very hard to keep track of where things are otherwise Sent from my iPhone using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  9. It does feel a bit like Greg has been acting as if he has nothing to loose atm. There have been a few times when he's said things on air or posted stuff on social media and I've though "the BBC aren't gonna like that". I really hope he's not going anywhere (other than R1 Breakfast ASAP obviously) Sent from my iPhone using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  10. It's on Radio 1's main wiki page too... investigating but I assume it's just vandaism
  11. 27th and 28th May 2017 in Hull Confirmed acts: Little Mix, Stomrzy, and Kings of Leon
  12. Really? The imaging producers weren't in the same building!?
  13. "Listen from 4, watch from 6" WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo!
  14. Marathon show was 16th, 17th and 18th of March 2011
  15. A few questions about this. First of all how do they clean songs? Somehow it seems that the vocal track is isolated and cut out while the music still plays. Do they have special versions of songs given to them where they can see each instrument and mute or mix as appropriate or is there an easier way of doing it. Second, how do they decide what standards to use, like what words aren't acceptable for air. 'Sexual' being turned to 'Sensual' seems petty when other radio stations use the original, and R1 have no problem with blasting the word 'bitch' out on that Pink! song - so is there a way of determining what's fit? Finally, on the 10 minute takeover, Ian often talks about songs being in the wrong place on the system... Does this mean they play explicit versions of songs after watershed and keep the files in a separate system, or is that just a case of other songs never having been played and hence not yet having approval for air?
  16. The easy way to ALWAYS know: Normal: "It's 2:30 on BBC Radio 1, let's get the news with Chris Smith" Pre-record: "It's 2:30 on BBC Radio 1, and it's time for the news with the Newsbeat team" They never ever say the newsreader's name. Also the bulletin will be two minutes long to the second.
  17. Ooh - Adele is on live today with the Big Weekend Highlights as she just read out the text number! I didn't expect such a show to be live but I'm certainally not complaining, I wonder if Dev will be live later Sent from my iPhone using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  18. Surely pre recording "the freshest chart around" that is supposed to keep running while the show is still going is completely counter productive? I mean I didn't hear it but even conceptually it sounds like a complete mess!
  19. I think each pre record is done differently, I guess Grimmy wouldn't have spent 6 hours recording "the best of the nixtape" but I got the feeling that Scott and Chris would have spent the best part of six hours recording the Bangers thing because it didn't sound plastic like the others and there were time checks for the news etc. Pretty sure Ali Plumb and Clara are both pre records too. Infact Early Breakfast and Breakfast are the only live shows until Friday when Dev has the official chart of the year which'll have to be live, and then an almost fully live New Years Eve, New Years Day, and then a fully live schedule on the 2nd Jan. Sent from my iPhone using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  20. I started writing the page months ago and posted this way before they said that - but my page was only in my sandbox not an actual wiki page so they didn't know it existed. Now somehow someone has written one and it got accepted despite mine having just as much if not more info. Hey ho https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Smith_(newsreader)) Sent from my iPhone using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  21. Thanks to the power of Iplayer I've gone back through the years to look at who had what live shows on Christmas Day since 2007. Sadly its impossible to just see a schedule, you've gotta search by DJ, but here's what I've figured: (links provided to programme pages which include the music played) 2007 - Breakfast with Greg 6-10 2008 - Breakfast with Scott 7-10 / 10-1 with Greg 2009 - Breakfast with Greg 6-10 2010 - Breakfast with Greg 7-10 (this was a Saturday - still had a weekday presenter) 2011 - Breakfast with Greg 7-10 (was a Sunday) / Official Chart with Reggie 2012 - Breakfast with Greg 6-10 / Fearne Cotton 10-1 (may have been a pre record) / Scott Mills 1-4 2013 - Adele 4-6:30 / Breakfast with Scott 6:30-10 / Huw Stephens 10-1 2014 - Gemma 4-6:30 (probably a pre record) / Scott 6:30-10 / Fearne 10-1 (probably pre record) / Huw Stephens 1-4 2015 - Adele 4-6:30 (pre record) / Breakfast with Scott 6:30-10 / Official Chart with Greg 10-1 2016 - Dev 6-10 Kind of demonstrates how little live content there is this year compared to previous years actually...
  22. I'm not sure that's true, simply because generally if the song has the power intro on it is almost without exception shorter, which would suggest that they'd press play on "Cold_Water_w_Intro.wav" which would be about 2:30 or "Cold_Water.wav" which would be about 3:30. Comparatively I'm 99% sure that the NMF TOH Montages are prerecorded, so will include the intros + songs, I'm also pretty certain that the breakfast montages are pre records, although less so because they're slightly more clunky; however the 20 second snippet montage before each full montage is definitely a separate file to the full montage as sometimes there's a definite end and start to each of them plus Grimmy often talks too much and so hasn't finished what he's saying and has to leave a gap between the two.
  23. I didn't say they weren't entitled - I just don't get why they'd want to because I don't really have any friends etc so tend to dislike Christmas and think its a whole lot of hype over nothing - but I suppose they probably have great social lives so hey...
  24. Maybe I'm just a miser but I really don't understand why radio DJs take all this time off over Christmas, I mean its 3 hours in a warm studio - tbh I'd much rather be on the radio with listeners than at home watching stupid films on TV or whatever people do at Christmas. I know that the likes of Greg and Scott really don't care about having Christmas off, and would probably share my above view, which makes me wonder why they put the pre records on when they don't have to. Anyway, rant over - any prediction for what 'Radio 1s Christmas Takeover' entails. Also Radio 1 at the Roundhouse???
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